You have grown past the stage of the Apprentice. You are connected to the mainstream and you have been given access to the Fellowship of White Magic. You now really start to feel what Transpersonal Magic brings about in your soul. It makes you hungry for more. The flashes of insight start to come more often in an explosion of joy …




Magic, the Basics: Wednesdays 19:30 o’clock (CEST)

Dates planned are:
May 30 (Lesson 1a), June 13 (Lesson 1b)
June 27 (Lesson 2a), July 11 (Lesson 2b)
July 25 (Lesson 3a),
August 29 (Lesson 3b)
September 12 (Lesson 4a), September 26 (Lesson 4b)
October 10 (Lesson 5a), October 24 (Lesson 5b)


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