I hear a lot of people who long to have ‘something more’ in their lives. They are unable to explain what exactly is lacking; but there is that intense longing, that urgent desire to get more from your life than just working, eating and sleeping.

In order to experience the mysterious depths of life, you need to develop some skills that are potentially present in everyone. Developing these psychic senses for the hidden layers in life, is comparable with learning to play a musical instrument or to start with a new sport: in the beginning it is complicated, you need to get the hang of it. Starting a spiritual discipline you can easily get lost in the chaotic marketplace of the internet.  Out of ignorance they choose the most easy way and find … snake oil sellers, entertainment and fantasy.


Searching a genuine training

On the internet the lame help the blind. All of them answer FAQ questions and thus contribute to the overall confusion. The web is full with spiritual exercises and advice, but how do YOU get the life changing experiences, which are described by mystics and magicians throughout the ages?

The answer is: by learning to discriminate between genuine and false information, and by training your potential talent in a systematic way. The methods to achieve this have been passed on over generations in spiritual traditions.


Profundity you learn in a spiritual tradition

Spiritual traditions are the custodians of the spiritual methods that our ancestors discovered during the previous centuries. Generations before us have discovered how spiritual development unfolds in certain stages. They figured out where to start, how to build further, how to get intensification, increase energy levels and access deeper layers of consciousness. On top of that they figured out how to use these abilities to improve your daily life. A spiritual tradition prevents you from pitfalls and leads you safely through the planes. Within a tradition the teachers know in what stage you are and how you can proceed safely and quickly to the next level.

A spiritual training is similar to learning a skill or a craft; when you apply the correct method, the more work you put into it, the better you will get. Surfing on the internet you will only discover a lot of different types of spirituality in a superficial and chaotic way. When you want to get results and reach the deeper levels, you need to choose a tradition. With the help of a proven method you will unlock the hidden beauty and the depths of your soul.

Ina Custers-van Bergen
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