The Magical Tarot Boxes

The Magical Tarot Boxes

Did you know that the Tarot Cards are keys to deep mysteries? Are you aware of the fact that the Tarot reveals ancient old wisdom teachings? The cards unlock the wondrous Mysteries of Life and open doors to the Teachings of the Universe.

As so many people I started using the Tarot cards as an oracle, but gradually their meaning deepened! After having worked for many years with famous decks like the Rider Waite Tarot, the Golden Dawn Tarot and the Tarot of Paul Foster Case, I developed an urge to create this tarot deck, The Book of the Caves, that fits in exactly with the teachings of the Western Mystery School and the Magical Order Temple of Starlight. Currently I am working at the cards and I want to take you with me on that journey.

The Magic of the Caves

Drawing the cards of the Book of the Caves, I decided to add something very powerful to the tarot deck: every Cave is connected to a specific magical energy and thus every card of the deck gives access to a magical technique that enables you to transform a part of your life!

To make this easily accessible for everyone I created the Magical Tarot Boxes. They each belong to a specific card. I will continue to make them while I am designing the deck. In this way powerful magical techniques will be accessible in an easy, safe and comfortable way.

The Appearance of the Images of the Caves

All the images of the Book of the Caves become visible to me after a series of deep meditations about a specific tarot card: the Caves come to life before my Inner Eye, and I draw these visions; in this way the tarot deck slowly manifests.

I will post pictures and share files while I am developing the tarot deck The Book of the Caves.

The Altars of the Caves

After a tarot card of the Cave is finished, I write down the magical technique that belongs to this specific Cave. Then I carefully collect and create the implements for an altar. These consecrated objects form the contents of the Magical Tarot Boxes. Every box has a different content. Incenses, oils, candles, and other magical objects are carefully selected for every single Cave. In this way every Magical Tarot Box contains everything you need to activate the powerful transformating magic of a specific Cave of Consciousness in your life.

The first Magical Tarot Box is ready now! The magical altar for Trump 21 Eternity. You can order it by filling out the form on this page.

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