Terms of Use

Terms of use Temple Training:

A new student can attend a maximum of 3 lessons as a try out. Only the attended lessons will be charged. After that further participation will be treated as subscription for the educational program.

Subscription is per semester and automatically implies agreeing with the Terms of Use.

Tuition fees are owed per semester. Semesters start in February and in August. In case of cancellation during the semester, the tuition fees for the current semester remain owed. The tuition fees are charged per semester (in exceptional cases payment in instalments is possible).

In case of an insufficient amount of participants the Stichting Temple of Starlight will cancel the training. In case of cancellation the Stichting Temple of Starlight will inform as soon as possible and the tuition fees will be refunded.

In case a student is unable to attend a training through circumstances beyond control, they can attend missed lessons in parallel groups or convert the Temple Training program to the Solo Magical Training.

Tuition fees need to be covered 6 weeks preceding the semester.

After subscription every student has 14 days time for reflection. After this the registration is final and the student can use all facilities of the temple.

Premature cancellation

Cancellation is regretful for everyone involved. It is disappointing for the participant unable to attend the training, but also for the group members: membership and attendance are detrimental factors on the quality of the group process. Cancellation is also regretful for those participants that needed to postpone their participation because of oversubscription. The cancellation arrangement is applied under all circumstances. The amount of participants is being maximised to ensure a high trainings intensity for all participants.

Our cancellation arrangement is not applied in case the participant takes care of a matching replacement for the training he enrolled for. A matching replacement is a new member who fulfils the terms and conditions of the training.

Temple Retreats and Seminars

Subscription for the Temple Retreats and Seminars takes place per email. After subscription you receive an invoice for the seminar.

After subscription every participant has a 14 day time of reflection. After that the cancellation arrangement is applied. The payment deadline is 14 days after the date of the invoice.

In case of cancellation between 12 and 6 weeks before the beginning of a retreat, the payment due is 50% of the price of the seminar plus € 50,00 for organisation and administration.

In case of cancellation shorter than 6 weeks before the event, the participant owes the total amount of the costs for the seminar. Given the tailor made nature of the organisation of the weekend retreats, it is not possible to refund the money. We advise to take out a cancellation insurance.

Solo Magical Training

Subscription is per semester. After acceptance the subscription fees need to be paid and the materials will be made available. The student can make use of the supervision for 6 months. If a student wants to continue their training a new semester of supervision needs to be settled. Restitution of tuition fees is not possible.


All the copyrights related to the training materials are owned by Ina Cüsters van Bergen. Without written permission the student is not permitted to put it at the disposal of third parties, or to multiply and/or sell it in any way.

License Agreement

All the teaching material (oral and written) fall under this License Agreement.