Trump 0 – The Child from the Deep Waters

The Child from the Deep Waters


The tarot card The Child from the Deep Waters is the path on the Tree of Life that connects the the Source (Kether) to the Cosmos (Chokmah). The Cave teaches you about your life’s mission. 

The Pilgrimage of your life

With this card you will go on a pilgrimage to find out the tasks you took upon yourself, before you entered into manifestation.

I bend my head and look him straight in the eyes: “Heru, you carry a bag over your shoulder. Tell me what is in it?” 

He carefully takes the pouch from his Dancer Staff, caresses it and gently opens it to show me the contents. On the palm of his hand he holds strange cobbles and some other odd objects.

“What I carry in my bag is precious, even sacred. It contains the Keys to unlock the Secrets of the Universe and the map to find the Way Back.”

The Cave of the Child from the Deep Waters

The Child from the Deep waters is Trump 0 from the tarot deck The Book of the Caves. In the regular decks the card is named The Fool, he is the symbol of naivity and innocence. Meanwhile he is the guardian of the deepest wisdom. He is the Child that was born from the Sacred Flower and he guards his treasures in utter silence….

For the Cave of The Child from the Deep Waters I designed a Magical Tarot Box that will take you on a pilgrimage. You don’t need to plan a long walk to Santiago de Compostela or another distant pilgrimage sanctuary. The Child from the Deep Waters will guide you on your pilgrimage in your natural environment and clarify the assignment with which you walk your path of life. He will communicate to you in the form of symbols and images and thus reveal your Life’s Mission.

I am very happy with what came with the post. I ordered some super high quality prints of my tarot card The Fool. The images are printed on aluminium and are going to serve as votive images in my second Magical Tarot Box.

One by one I peel off the protecting foil and I take them to my altar to consecrate them. After I have done that I put a wax seal on them and sign them.

The next step in the process is to handpaint and consecrate all the candles that will be used for the ritual. I also have created an incense that supports the magical process that you can achieve working with this Magical Tarot Box.

I am setting up my altar to continue my journey with the Fool.

“Heru, on what road will this pilgrimage take me? I know you: as the Joker, the Clown and the Harlequin you live in me. What will you mirror to me when we dance the Dance of Life?”

The Magical Tarot Box of the Child from the Deep Waters

The second Magical Tarot Box is almost ready! It is the magical altar for Trump 0 – The Child from the Deep Waters. You can order these charged altar pieces and the links to the instruction videos. I have a limited amount of Magical Tarot Boxes available. Don’t hesitate and assure you get one. Fill out the form below on this page to order yours.

This Magical Tarot Box contains:

  • A consecrated and charged Votive Image that serves as a unique altar piece
  • The passwords to several online videos on our members platform about the Cave of the Child of the Deep Waters. These videos will give you instructions how to kick off your sacred pilgrimage, in your own life and in your natural environment
  • Candles, colored through, with a handpainted affirmation on them
  • A special blend of incenses that will open you up to effectively retrieve this information
  • A booklet with printed instructions
  • Several smaller items you need to perform this ritual. 
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