Angel of Beauty – Angels of the Turning of the Year

December 28 of the year 2017.

At this day, I, the Archangel Gabriel, introduce the Eighth Angel of the Turning of the Year.

Forgive yourself, and you can forgive others.
Love yourself and you can love others.
Cure yourself, and you can heal others.
Now, cleaned and refreshed,
I introduce you to the Angel of Beauty.



Angel of Beauty

Welcome in my sphere of love and beauty.
In my sphere everything is possible;
I build landscapes from your desires.
I invite you to establish a sanctuary here that is yours alone.

I am the Angel who cleanses the world from desecration,
I bring you the Blessings of the Inner Light.
I bring you the Spirit of Unity.
Not only the connectedness between the people,
but also at-oneness with the entire planet.


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