Angel who collects Sorrow and Fear – Angels of the Turning of the Year

December 23 of the year 2017.

At this day, I, the Archangel Gabriel, introduce the Third Angel of the Turning of the Year.

Today, the powers to change are at their full strength.
This it is the sacred day
of the Great Mother of the Cosmos.
She blesses Her Creation,
and She sends down the Angel with her Mantle of Love
and instructs it to collect all Sorrows and fears.



Angel who collects Sorrow and Fear

I am the Angel of Understanding,
I give the gift of reflecting of the last year.
Nothing that has happened can be undone,
nothing that has happened can be changed.

My secret name is regret.
You cannot change what has been done,
but you can learn from it
and choose differently in the future.

I am the Angel who cleanses the world from desecration,
I bring you the gift of the flaming heart.
The power to prevent what has gone wrong!
My gift to the world is Understanding
and the embracement by the Mantle of Love.


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