Light in Extension

Coming Sunday April 5 we will meet on Zoom again for a meditation to keep up the good spirits during this time of stress and disease.

We will be doing an online ritual to spread light, healing and energy for ourselves and those around us.

You need a few items to prepare yourself for this. If you are not able to get all the items yourself, you can still join us and benefit from the experience.

What you need:

  • A candle
  • Fire
  • A tray
  • A (semi-precious) stone
  • Cut stars from paper with on each star the name of a loved person (there is no limit to the number of people)
  • A ribbon or thread of +/- 2 meter length

During the first part of the webinar I will explain what we will be doing, in the second part of the webinar we will be doing the online ritual.

These meetings are open to all who subscribe to our newsletter.

Love, Light and Health


  • Date: Sunday, March 29
  • Time: 19.30 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST = Amsterdam)
  • Meet us at
  • When you want to stay informed about our weekly webinars, please subscribe to our newsletter!

In Silence, Solace and Solitude …

While Pandora’s Box is still opening, we look into the ugly face of a worldwide disease. Corona is spreading herself over the world. We realize that we are vulnerable, that our health is a treasure. That we share a responsibility to take care of ourselves and our vulnerable family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

We also feel an increasing need for comfort, for solace and for directions, but under these circumstances we are not allowed to touch each other; a kiss can bring disease and even death!

We are forced to go in quarantine and we face an unfamiliar Silence. How often did we seek her company? Do we fear her, or does she offer opportunities? The Chinese word for crisis has a double meaning: it means both chaos and opportunity. Coming Sunday I will teach you an ancient method to go into the Silence and to find your way to the Fountain of Hope, a place of Silence, Solace and Solitude.

Love, Light and Health


Date: Sunday, March 29
Time: 19.30 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST = Amsterdam)

When you want to stay informed about our weekly webinars, please subscribe to our newsletter!

The Fountain of Hope

It has been a while ago since you heard from me. I have been withdrawn a little bit from the internet lately. But these are strange times. The developing Corona pandemic is causing a lot of fear, uncertainty and stress. Everyone is asked for their expertise to solve this crisis. So it is important for me now to break the silence, offer my two cents and reach out to you.

We live in a time when Pandora has opened her box, it releases uncertainty and fear. We worry we could lose our jobs. We are insecure whether official information can be trusted. We can lose our health and our loved ones, even our lives …  In anticipation of possible horror scenarios we hoard … toilet paper???

It is a time of transformation. I deeply feel that Mother Earth wants us to change direction. It is as if Gaia pushes us through a new and narrow birth canal, towards an unknown future, that will look completely different from where we are right now. What is the deeper meaning of this crisis? How do we cope with the uncertainties that lie ahead of us?

During this time of transformation we will face all kinds of unknown scenarios that we cannot even imagine today. This is going to become a turning point in history. During this time of change we need the wisdom of the spiritual community. In order to become an effective force, we need to free our minds from paranoia and open up to the Bigger Plan of the Planetary Spirit. When Pandora opens her box, we need to find hope, we need to become resilient and connect as a community!

In order to do so, let us join forces and come together to learn techniques that develop the Higher Skills of the mind. Techniques that enable you to fight your fear and stress, to feel the protection and support of the community and to connect us to the Fountain of Hope, where all solutions whirl up from deep resources.

In order to achieve this, I organize a series of FREE webinars on We will come together for weekly meditations. They will help you to stay calm and become resilient, and a source of comfort and support to those around you.

I am looking forward to meeting you there!


How to participate:

  • We meet weekly at Sunday evenings, starting on March 29 at 19.30 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST = Amsterdam) for a webinar at
  • You need to be subscribed to the email list to receive the weekly links and passwords for the webinar
  • You need to download and install the Zoom client before the meeting (once)
  • At this moment we have 100 places available.

Sekhmet when she dances

Last week I worked at the renovation of my painting ‘Sekhmet when she dances’ and finished the workbook, this morning I red Aaron Leitch’s post about his concerns about the situation of the world, and this very night I had THAT dream again. It is time to write this post:

I have a repetitive dream about today’s world: In the dream I am approached by a group of spirits that are involved with the protection of the harmony of the world. They warn me that today’s world is ruled by criminals, who use every weapon and method they can think of to destroy opponents to remain in power. In my dream I was told that we are no longer ruled by politicians who represent ‘the people’, but by huge money grabbing globalist individuals and companies who have their plans to ‘patent’ food, drinking water, medication etc. The people who run those companies lack empathy and compassion and are dangerous predators whose only goals are expansion of their powers at all costs. THEY are the cause of poverty, wars, pollution of the planet and the natural disaster, that is slowly becoming visible for the greater group of people.

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Tarot project: The Book of the Caves

Did you know that the Tarot Cards are keys to deep mysteries? Are you aware of the fact that the Tarot reveals ancient old wisdom teachings? The cards unlock the wondrous Mysteries of Life and open doors to the Teachings of the Universe.

As so many people I started using the Tarot cards as an oracle, but gradually their meaning deepened! After having worked for many years with famous decks like the Rider Waite Tarot, the Golden Dawn Tarot and the Tarot of Paul Foster Case, I developed an urge to create this tarot deck, The Book of the Caves,  that fits in exactly with the teachings of the Western Mystery School and the Magical Order Temple of Starlight. Currently I am working at the cards and I want to take you with me on that journey.

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You are fired!

Thanks to all my critical reviewers. I have news for you; you are all fired! Your opinion is not inspiring, soul searching or even interesting. You can give your opinion about me, but I choose not to listen. Your critical reviews are your private projections: your public outcries of your personal incompetence to contribute to the community. They tell me that you are not connected to your deeper resources. You don’t see me, you even don’t see yourself. Your opinion of me is your private affair, your personal repair and construction project.

Aeons ago, your criticism was positive feedback, it was a gift that came forth from the relationship. We learned from discussions that were an exchange of information. We could see each other and learn from each other. A critical note was a good reason for soul search. But this does not work any longer for me, since I have managed to make that connection with my pure soul. And this invalidates any rational discussion based on whose arguments are stronger.

Aeons ago I was too insecure about my value and my truth. I used critical opinions to examine myself. Criticism challenged me to test my truth. But criticism also hurts me, makes me angry, damages me and I loose precious time to recover from this to heal my soul. Not all critical opinions are said out of love. Not all critical opinions help to grow. Connected with my soul I experience what feeds my spirit, and what doesn’t. Criticism is not helping me to grow.

So I have decided to no longer need to waste my time to repair the flow of my soul. My inspiration is no point of discussion. I want to spend my time and energy to exchange inspiration with equal minded people. Connected to my deepest essence I feel my deepest truth loud and clear. So I thank all those who taught me for the task I gave them. But now the job is finished and you are all fired!

In the loving embrace with my soul, I long to share my inspiration and energy with equal minded. In unity with my loving spirit I feel alive and fulfilled with joy and happiness. I feel valuable, useful and important. I am one with my unique mission in this world and feel deeply how to contribute to the recovery of the Great Oneness.

So if you feel the need of spreading your critical opinion about me, my sincere wish for you is that you awaken from this moment and restore the sparkling connection to your own soul instead. In this way vision and delight also become a source of inspiration for you again.

Does that mean that I am no longer interested in you? I am interested in your joy, your creativity, your contribution to the beauty of the world. I hope that when we exchange the desires of our souls, we can truly inspire each other and celebrate our friendship in exalting joy.


Window Dressing

Staring at my smartphone I surf over the internet, searching a solution for my emptiness. Reading all the tempting articles of smart marketeers, I get sooo tired! I put away my cell phone and go to bed. I am done!

I pull the blankets over my head, hoping for a decent night of sleep: I don’t get enough rest from my sleep nowadays. I lose energy and don’t know why. Restlessly I turn from one side to the other. I turn and turn and…

… a great wheel appears. Next to it stands a man with red flaming hair. He shouts at me:
“Grabbing, blabbing, dabbling, fun and grief, I sell rescue, salvation and relief.” Then he approaches me and looks me right in the eyes:
“Are you a player, a seeker, a hunter? I offer excitement and sensation. The arrow of my Wheel of Fortune will point out your newest passion. As special offers I have now:

  • “Eternal beauty.”
    He shows me a movie wherein a surgeon does a major renovation on the body of an unconscious patient.
  • “Paranormal abilities, a golden business, good for great fame! No diplomas required and the product is everything you can imagine.”
  • “Wild sex, also immensely popular!”
    He looks at me squinting and I hear him wheezing.
    “Go on the internet, do as if you want a relation and bingo! From one to the other, piece of cake!”

He gives a swing to the wheel and I feel my mind starting to swirl. With bouncing heart I call out: “I am done with all the fake! I am disgusted by plastic imitation antlers and false gemstones. I have followed so many happiness courses, only to find out that everyone acts as if.”
I grab the nasty chap at his lapels and shake him up: “I search the pearls between the swine, do they exist?”

Then I hear a voice echoing: “Don’t let yourself be distracted by the Wheel of Fortune. Ignore the pointer towards the fake reality, focus on the axis of the wheel!”
Then a cute little girl with two pony tails comes hopping from the centre.
“Have you forgotten about me? I am knocking in your heart.”
“Why are you lost?”
“Because you joined the hide and seek game and let yourself become blindfolded.”
“How do I find you?”
“Only if you say goodbye to your sweetie: if you want to find me, first of all Narcissus must die!”
“Narcissus…  that Greek hero who fell in love with his mirror image?”
“Yep”, the child giggles, “he lets himself become enchanted by the as-if game.”

Then the voice echoes again. “To find her back, you need to detox. You have become severely addicted to all the window dressing. This is a form of environmental pollution, a lunacy caused by THE great spiritual disease of our time: capitalism. Only when you get off this enslavement, you will discover what is real.”

I look at the girl and ask her: “How do I do this, is there any help available to achieve this?”
“You will find me again when you let yourself being touched at the right place,” and with her little finger she points at my heart and says: Click here!


The Tarot and the Earthlight

While I am developing the Tarot Cards, I collect notes from everywhere. I have got several notebooks full with drawings, exercises and realizations. While I am working at each card I do experiments, I test every working.

It is a very inspiring journey for me, with a lot of unexpected adventures and realizations. I discover a wealthy world full of gems; hidden wisdom, a richness described in many sacred texts. In even my wildest dreams I never thought of being able to dig that up in myself.

The wealth that I reveal is far more rich than I dared to dream of before I started this journey. I discovered the Earthlight, a priceless treasure that illuminates every aspect of life and reveals the sacred spiritual teaching in every thing and in every being, a secret jealously guarded by the initiates of all ages …



As an author I regularly notice how other people sometimes use my texts without giving me the credits for it. In some cases complete pages are copied and pasted without naming me as the source. The copycats think they are smart but they don’t realise that the energy is not the same when they re-use my energy.

The creative process is unique per definition. Without connecting to your own roots and sources, the end result looks twisted and unreal.

I give myself solace with the knowledge that there is nothing compatible with the creative process itself. The ability to reach those heights of inspiration, the experiences of exalting beauty that it raises. The changes in your inner world that it causes, the inner ritches, happiness, beauty inside. The outer work is but a residue of what happens on the inside. That is something no one can steal. The knowledge of how to get to that inner place is the real secret, because you connect you to a source inside that cannot dry out; that knowledge can never be stolen, it can only be achieved by work, work, work!