Magical Books

Magical books are workbooks: they are filled with knowledge to be applied and exercises that need to be practiced. Magic is an art of life for the adventurous. Pursue it daily and you will benefit from its healing, life changing powers!

Published books English | Ina Cüsters-van Bergen

The Mystery of the Sea

Mystery of the Sea

There is a power that you already feel in your life. Do you experience events, lining up too perfectly, to be a coincidence? When Magic knocks at your door, how do you explain your experiences? Journey through the enchanting realities of the ‘Otherworld’ as you learn to understand the Laws of Magic and its secrets of Initiation:

When journalist Jason Adams discovers a strange ring, he starts an extraordinary quest that goes deeper than he ever dared to dream…. But are the dream images his anchors on the journey between reality and transpersonal dimensions? Join Jason in a stirring magical story, where doors swing open to unknown worlds to reveal the secret layers of life. Time and again it turns out that what down-to-earth Jason regards to be fantasy, is really connected to the Hermetic Mystery Tradition: legends like Atlantis, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, and Alchemy. When he learns how to create a magical protection he receives the answer to the central question: what is the true nature of this Ring of Power? Follow in the footsteps of famous scholars of the past like Marsilio Ficino, understand the magical levels in texts such as the Lancelot Grail, and find the reality behind stories of great magical teachers such as Dion Fortune. Great initiates teach through storytelling! This novel explains some carefully guarded secrets of the Hermetic Mystery Tradition, and tells the story of a journey towards a true initiation in a modern Mystery Temple. Foreword by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki.

Published books Dutch | Ina Cüsters-van Bergen

Published books Italian | Ina Cüsters-van Bergen

Il Tempio Dell'Alta Magia

Il Tempio dell’alta Magia

Interamente dedicato alle pratiche iniziatiche ermetiche d’Occidente, questo libro è un vero e proprio scrigno in cui sono racchiusi il simbolismo, i miti e le tecniche delle tradizioni antiche, rivelandone gli sviluppi nella storia e l’integrazione all’interno degli ordini esoterici, tra cui in particolare le scuole di Dion Fortune e di Israel Regardie. Il testo è corredato di esercizi, pathworking e un dettagliato apparato di conoscenze cabbalistiche. Sulla base di una solida conoscenza dei miti e dei Misteri d’Occidente, l’autrice, voce autorevole del settore, svela un sapere fino a ora segreto al cercatore che desidera trasformare la sua vita in un percorso di elevazione spirituale per mezzo della magia. La prefazione è di Gareth Knight.

The Inner Journey | Ina Cüsters-van Bergen

The Inner Journey training books belong to the training materials of the Temple of Starlight. They are workbooks that need to be combined with the training. This curriculum is supervised. The lessons of the Inner Journey need to be taken in sequence and with a regular frequency, because they aim to activate certain areas of the brain. Like a normal tree the Kabbalistic Tree has a juice stream that goes upward.

Magic, the Basics

The Inner Journey Lessons 1-5

The Magical Circle, the Seed of the Tree of Life, the Basics, creating a foundation:

In this lesson you will find an introduction to the training and into Transpersonal Magic®. You will find Pathworkings which will place your foot on the Path you have chosen, articles about different aspects of magic. You will start doing relaxation exercises and making your first magical tools. You will learn to work with the Elements of the Wise; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit.

The Astral Plane

You start with the next stage of training the Inner Journey offers. From now on the lessons will be structured around the Magical Kabbalah. During every lesson you will be working on a specific area of the Tree of Life.

Raising Fire

The Inner Journey Lessons 11-15

Like the Holy Cobra you move from left to right upwards on the Tree of Life. Slowly you climb upwards. On your way up the snake dances from left to right; from light to darkness. From male to female.

In this lesson you will start to feel the first currents of this raising fire that from now on is going to bubble upwards in small streams. You recognize it by sudden realizations and peak experiences.

The Law of Attraction

The Inner Journey Lessons 16-20

Now you are starting to notice that the images in your meditations come to life. It is like you have found a sender for psychic energy and you are getting the messages of the paths and the Sephiroth clearer. Slowly you are noticing that the inner images tend to influence outer events. This is a parallel process that becomes stronger when you get more trained.

The Stone of the Wise

The Inner Journey Lessons 21-25

You now really start to feel what White Magic brings about in your soul. It makes you hungry for more. The flashes of insight start to come more often in an explosion of joy… But a flash is just a short moment. These short moments of spiritual at oneness leave you alone with a nagging feeling of homesickness. A longing for a unification with the source wherefrom these beautiful experiences come.

The Dragon’s Journey | Ina Cüsters-van Bergen

During the Dragon’s Journey you will belong to the Builders of the Temple: they have created their Inner Temple and start expanding this, to become the teachers of the future. This training is for people who have finished the curriculum of the Inner Journey of the Academy for Hermetic Arts and Sciences.

The Dragon’s Journey is the preparation to become a teacher in the future. In order to participate in this training you need to

  • Have finished the Inner Journey,
  • Have sufficient experience in the group meetings of the Argo’s Journey.

The Initiate’s Journey

After the Dragon’s Path the road continues and is now called the Initiate’s Journey. The workbooks of the Initiate’s Journey will be published on this website any time soon.