The Golden Veil

Today I will be working at the development of the tarotcard the Fool. The Cave of the Fool is connected to Air of the Wise. I always associate Air of the Wise to the Golden Breath. The Golden Breath is an experience; you experience it at those moments, that it is as if a golden glow illuminates everything that is valuable to you. When this happens, life is good, mysterious, meaningful and beautiful. It is a sign of health; did you know that the psychologist Maslow investigated this? He called these moments ‘peak experiences’, and stated that the more healthy people are, the more often they have peak experiences. Magicians know that you can train your mind to luxate peak experiences at will.

The Child from the Deep Waters

I am very happy with wat came with the post. I ordered some super high quality prints of my tarot card The Fool. The images are printed on alluminium and are going to serve as votive images in my second Magical Treasure Box.

One by one I peel off the protecting foil and I take them to my altar to consecrate them. After I have done that I put a wax seal on them and sign them.


The Doors of Wonder

I experience these moments as true divine gifts: suddenly the world shows its beauty. I have those moments when I am writing, when I am creating art, in ritual, outside in nature. ..

Do you recognise this, when the doors of beauty open? I am really curious to learn how you experience this or what happens to you when those doors are locked…

Superheroes and superpowers

As I wrote earlier, the emphasis on historical research causes us to underestimate the influence of art in modern magic. Nowadays …we regard the great myths as fantasies and children’s stories. But these great stories of the past and present are full of applied magic and teach us about the superpowers one can activate during the process of magical development.

The eastern traditions talk about the ‘Siddhis’, in Western Magic these powers belong to superheroes, who teach us about superpowers that every human being can access. You read about them in almost every magical story: powers like invisibility, telekinesis and the capacity to heal from a deadly wound. The power of these stories is that they stretch the imagination in situations where you could do with these superpowers. They influence the subconscious mind and cause you to recover from even the toughest challenges.

The subconscious mind is the hidden steering mechanism of our entire being, the part that determines all automatic body processes and unconscious choices you make in your life. The superheroes from the magical stories teach this important part of your being. The capacity to relate to the superheroes enables you to unlock these super powers in times you need them. Magic is the art to access these superpowers and unleash the superhero in you.

Do you want to take a look behind our temple doors and learn more about magic and mysticism? Read more here (in Dutch).

Are you a Seeker or a Finder?

In a previous blog I told my most important tip for a spiritual training: Find a spiritual trainer who works within a tradition. But there are some pitfalls along the way. How to avoid these?


When you take your spiritual quest seriously, you don’t want to waste time and money by getting lost on an vague market!
A lot of spirituality that is offered resembles a film set. The appearance is wonderful, but behind the front door, there is no deeper knowledge. As a spiritual seeker you can get lost here, going from one setting to the other, and disappointed leaving the set time and again. Many people end their search thinking than that it’s all fake.


Why is there so little knowledge about spirituality?

Both in the Eastern and Western traditions the temples were always closed. You could only get access by successfully passing the first test: ‘To Know, To Will, To Dare and to be Silent.’
‘We shed no pearls before swine‘, was the overall view, and only the ones who showed the right character, got access to real knowledge. That knowledge gives power and should not end up in the wrong hands.


Searching Platform 9 ¾

The Eastern temples started from the 70 ‘s to give out their knowledge. The Western Temples open their doors for about twenty years now. Finding a Western Mystery Temple is difficult when you don’t know the criteria to distinguish fake from genuine. It equals searching for platform 9 ¾, without knowing it exists. That is an impossible task, you cannot conjure (yet)?


Stop seeking, start finding.

  1. Research whether there are older books available about your area of interest, books from before the 1960s. Between 1850 and 1960 the first adepts published since long time. They are sometimes thick incomprehensible books. The issue now is not that you understand the content, but to find out whether they exist, and that your learn to know the names of people who wrote them.
  2. That generation trained students to grow into adepts. This generation adepts distributed knowledge about the practical techniques, through workshops and training seminars. Their names became public between 1950 and 2000.
  3. Today, the next generation adepts has started to build training institutes, they are professionalizing the spiritual training.

For a seeker this makes it easy to identify where potential teachers have trained themselves, and what level of training they hold. There are big differences between teachers. Based on this information you can make your choice, so that you become a finder.

PS. Platform 9 3/4 is the place from where Harry Potter left for Hogwarts School. It is located at Kings Cross Station in London.


Experiencing the Mysterious

I hear a lot of people who long to have ‘something more’ in their lives. They are unable to explain what exactly is lacking; but there is that longing, that desire to get more from your life than working, eating and sleeping.

In order to experience this mysterious depth you need to develop some skills that are potentially present in everyone. Developing these senses for the mysterious depths in life is comparable with learning to play a musical instrument or to start a sport: in the beginning it is complicated to get the hang of it and you can easily get lost in the chaotic offers on the social media. A lot of people don’t realize this. Out of ignorance they choose the most easy way and find … entertainment and fantasy.

Searching a genuine and trustworthy training

On the internet the lame help the blind and answer FAQs, thus adding to the confusion. You can find superficial and simple exercises everywhere, but how to get to the life changing experiences which are described by mystics and magicians? And the most important question is ‘Can I get those experiences myself?’

The answer is: YES you can! Assuming that you train your potential talent in a systematic way. These methods have been passed on over generations in spiritual traditions.

Profundity you learn in a spiritual tradition

Spiritual traditions consist of the knowledge that our ancestors discovered in all previous centuries. Generations before us have discovered how a spiritual development unfolds in stages. They figured out where you need to start, how to build further, how to get intensification and growing depth, how to use the training to improve your daily life? A spiritual tradition leads you through these phases. Within a tradition the teachers know in what stage you are, and how you can proceed safely and quickly. A spiritual training is similar to learning a skill or a craft; the more work you put into it, the better you get … as long as you learn from craftsmen.

Surfing on the internet you will discover a lot of different types of spirituality in a superficial way. When you want to go deeper, you need to choose a tradition. With the help of a proven method you will discover the hidden beauty and the depths of your soul.

Ina Custers-van Bergen

PS. When you want to know more about the spiritual training in a Western Mystery School, read more about it here or you can email me.