Consultation and Coaching

Private consultation

During a private consultation I will read your energy. Issues that block your development will be addressed and patterns that repeat themselves will become clear. I will give indications how you can generate positive changes into your life.

Individual Coaching

During an individual coaching session I will read your energy. Issues that block your development will be addressed and patterns that repeat themselves will become clear. In order to help you to create changes into your life I will use a coaching method that is called Transpersonal Coaching.

Transpersonal Coaching is a healing system that utilises a series of techniques that include trance and hypnosis, to unleash blocked energy patterns. In this way you open the way for personal and spiritual growth. In Transpersonal Coaching you will get access to the deep trance levels through your Deep Imagination. With the use of carefully chosen symbols, metaphors and archetypes, I induce healing life-changing spiritual experiences, in an individual therapeutic setting.

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Transpersonal Healing

Transpersonal Healing honors the holistic principle that a person’s illness or condition reflects a deeper emotionally charged issue. Challenges (whether of mind, body, or spirit) do not manifest randomly, but when weakened through emotional, psychological or spiritual stresses.

Transpersonal Coaching helps to discover the source of the challenge, in the current life (rooted in a tragic or traumatic event or series of events or in a suppressed or unresolved childhood or prenatal experience), family history or as a result of past life experiences.

The healing effects of Transpersonal Coaching are frequently dramatic and often exceed expectations.

During a Transpersonal Healing session I will tune into your energy and assist you to go into a deep state of meditation. I will guide you to access the places in the Deep Mind where you will receive healing on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. Your self healing capacities will be stimulated and you will start to feel the benificial energies of the healing.

Healing is a natural process. To receive a healing you do not need to be ill, you do not receive medication, it does not replace medication or regular treatment. It is a supportive therapy that stimulates the self healing capacities of body and mind and can help you also in stress situations, when you feel emotionally or physically exhausted.

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More about Transpersonal Healing

The three levels of consciousness recognized in Transpersonal Coaching include:

  • The conscious mind, which represents the thoughts and feelings a person is aware of having
  • The subconscious mind, which represents emotions, (restrictive) habits, and instincts a person is unaware of having, as well as undeveloped talents and untransformed encapsulated issues
  • The superconscious mind, also called the transpersonal realm, consisting of the archetypical realm, the spirit, soul, or higher self of a person, containing patterns for transformation for how that person wants to think or act in the world.

How can Transpersonal Therapy help?

Transpersonal therapy claims to re-programme patterns of behaviour within the mind, such as:

  • Fears or phobias that have no recognized cause
  • Intimacy issues
  • General and family relationship issues
  • Feelings of guilt and shame that seem to have no explanation.
  • Anxiety Issues
  • Negative thoughts, depression
  • Suppressed emotions
  • Burnout
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Traumatic experiences (PTSS)
  • Coping with death and loss
  • Fertility problems
  • Kundalini crisis
  • Shadows in family history

What therapeutic methods are used?

  • (Regression) Hypnotherapy
  • NLP
  • Family constellations
  • Transpersonal Ritual
  • Deep Imagination
  • Transpersonal Meditation

What are the results?

Results of regression therapy, like most other forms of psychotherapy, can be distinguished in:

  • Somatic results: disappearing of psychosomatic complaints like low energy, tensions, hypersensitivities and symptoms without medical explanation.
  • Emotional results: inner calm, self-acceptance and self-confidence, restored empathy and positive emotions and expression of emotions.
  • Mental results: clarity, mindfulness, self-knowledge, understanding people, liberation of limiting beliefs.
  • Spiritual results: Installing a mental thoughtform that facilitates (trans)personal reflection and induces personal growth, meaning and mission in life.

Ina Cüsters-van Bergen is a qualified hypnotherapist with a solid healthcare background, with a training in psychotherapy theory and practice. She belongs to a professional organization, the CAT (Collectief Alternatieve Therapeuten), located in the Netherlands.

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