Eternity’s Magical Spinning Wheel

We have gone through interesting times last year: we have all been going through a roller-coaster, because of the Corona pandemic. It taught us a lot about ourselves and about nature. It made us even more aware that we need to change our behavior towards the planet and the life on it. One of the lessons we learned is that it is not necessary to travel physically to far destinations, to learn advanced stuff. A lot can be done online and we discovered that a lot of magical teachings can be learned very effective in this way. So we started a digital journey and worked together with people from all over the world. We discovered how inspiring is it too literally work together with people from Iceland to Australia! So, what is good we are going to keep! That is the reason why I decided to plan a new series of webinars. For the coming time I have decided to focus on magical teachings that involve the cycle of nature. So that you get access to the magical lessons that nature can teach us. To this end I want to introduce you to Eternity’s magical Spinning Wheel.

Listen to Ina to learn more!

For whom: The webinars are for everyone who is interested in personal development and expansion of consciousness

What: 18 webinars of one hour, chock-full with theoretical explanation, meditation exercises, magical techniques and magical treasure hunting.

Place: Zoom, 18 Wednesday evenings from July 21 until November 17 from 19.30 until 20.30 CEST/CET

More information: Drop an email on

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