Raising Fire – Solo Magical Training, 3. Semester


Like the Holy Cobra you move from left to right upwards on the Tree of Life. Slowly you climb upwards. On your way up the snake dances from left to right; from light to darkness. From male to female. From Yin to Yang. All opposites need to be balanced to take the next step upwards.



The Astral Plane: Wednesdays at 19:30 (CEST/CET)

Dates planned are:
June 6 (Lesson 6a), June 20 (Lesson 6b)
July 4 (Lesson 7a), July 18 (Lesson 7b)
August 22 (Lesson 8a), September 5 (Lesson 8b)
September 19 (Lesson 9a), October 3 (Lesson 9b)
October 17 (Lesson 10a) October 31 (Lesson 10b)



More about the Solo Magical Training


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