Magic, the Basics – Solo Magical Training, 1. Semester


These first five lessons are the introduction to the Solo Magical training. You will find Pathworkings which will place your foot on the Path you have chosen, articles about different aspects of magic. You will start doing relaxation exercises and start making your first magical tools. You will learn the inner meaning of the tools you make.




Magic, the Basics: Wednesdays 21:00 o’clock (CET/CEST)

Dates planned are:
January 3 (Lesson 1a), January 17 (Lesson 1b)
January 31 (Lesson 2a), February 14 (Lesson 2b)
February 28 (Lesson 3a), March 14 (Lesson 3b)
March 28 (Lesson 4a), April 11 (Lesson 4b)
April 25 (Lesson 5a), May 9 (Lesson 5b)


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