The Astral Plane – Solo Magical Training, 2. Semester


From now on you start working with the Magical Kabbalah. During every lesson you will be working on a specific area of the Tree of Life. The lessons follow the path going upwards along the Kabbalistic Tree.




The Astral Plane: Wednesdays at 19:30 (CET/CEST)

Dates planned are:
November 29 (Lesson 6a), December 13 (Lesson 6b)
January 3 (Lesson 7a), January 17 (Lesson 7b)
January 31 (Lesson 8a), February 14 (Lesson 8b)
February 28 (Lesson 9a), March 14 (Lesson 9b)
April 11 (Lesson 10a) April 25 (Lesson 10b)



More about the Solo Magical Training



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