The Astral Plane – Solo Magical Training, 2. Semester


From now on you start working with the Magical Kabbalah. During every lesson you will be working on a specific area of the Tree of Life. The lessons follow the path going upwards along the Kabbalistic Tree.




The Astral Plane: Wednesdays at 21:00 (CEST/CET)

Dates planned are:
June 6 (Lesson 6a), June 20 (Lesson 6b)
July 4 (Lesson 7a), July 18 (Lesson 7b)
August 22 (Lesson 8a), September 5 (Lesson 8b)
September 19 (Lesson 9a), October 3 (Lesson 9b)
October 17 (Lesson 10a) October 31 (Lesson 10b)



More about the Solo Magical Training



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