The Temple of the Heart

September 28, 2018 @ 19:30 – September 29, 2018 @ 17:30

The Temple of the Heart

Is spirituality and meaning important in your life? Do you want to become the best version of yourself? Do you long for fulfillment? But where to find the source of joy and enlightenment if you get continuously distracted by the problems of every day?

The Door to the Heart

Come with me on a retreat, we will travel to the Temple of the Heart. It is a sacred place deep inside. You find it when you turn inwards. The Temple of the Heart is located behind that door of which they say: ‘Knock and it will be opened for you.’ When this door opens, you will step into a beautiful sacred space, that is charged with powerful energy. Feel welcome and experience how you get exalted by inspiration, how you are deeply moved by the light, love and wisdom.

Do you come to ignite your Inner Light?

During this retreat you will learn to open the Door to the Temple of the Heart. By means of beautiful meditations, magical talismans and mystical ritual you will learn to find this priceless flame of love, fulfilment in yourself and to maintain it, so that it grows in power. By igniting this soullight in yourself you will find the way through your life more easily and you will manifest the important valuable things in your life.

I invite you

to look at this video, which I made together with Dutch national television. It gives an atmospherical impression of what a magical retreat can mean for you. Meanwhile I give an explanation of what rituals can bring into your life.


Program for the Temple of the Heart

The road to the Otherworld

On Friday evening we will visit the beautiful woods that surround the monastery. In a candle light procession we walk into the woods under a radiating moon. Seated in a nightly heaven sparked with stars we open the gates to the magical reality and get access to our sources of inspiration.

The enchanted Altar of the Rose

The next day we will search for the heaven in ourselves. It is an adventure that will open our awareness to the mysterious beauty that we will find inside. Here you make a connection to your mission in life and you will feel the flame of your passion.

The Magical Spells of the Heart

In the center of the Temple of the Heart stands the Altar of the Rose. At this altar you will make a talisman and charge it with energy and magical spells for personal growth. How do you neutralize doubt? How to build a solid core of self-esteem? How to lay down your deepest desires on the altar and charge your dearest wish with the energy that it needs to manifest itself? When you know what you wish, you need fuel to get where you want to be. We will raise the necessary magical energy together.

Steer course for your True North

Everything that you can imagine detailed will manifest if you give it energy. All the images and skills you have learned will be molded together. This we do during a beautiful ritual where we consecrate all our dreams, wishes and desires. We load them into a talisman.


Do you come?

Feel welcome and subscribe to the retreat The Temple of the Heart:

Where is it?

Volksabdij Ossendrecht.
Onze Lieve Vrouw ter Duinenlaan 199,
4641 RM Ossendrecht,

If you come from abroad we will help you to reach this location which is at 1,5 hours by train from Rotterdam and 2 hours from Amsterdam and 2 from Brussels, from London it is 5 hours by train.

When is it?

Friday evening September 28 at 19.30 pm until + 22.oo pm (after that it is possible to hold a vigil)
Saturday September 29 from 9.30 am to + 17.30 pm.


€ 145,00 including a workshop book




Don’t miss this magical event, subscribe and assure yourself a place. Fill out the subscription form below. After we have received your subscription, we will contact you to make your reservation definitive.

 (Due to the nature of the evening program, we recommend you book a room in the monastery through The Volksabdij also offers meals.)


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