In Support Of Ina Cüsters-van Bergen & The Temple Of Starlight…

As an Initiate and the head of a Mystery School, there may be times when I am called upon to stand up and be counted, and to take a stance where there is wrong doing and injustice. Such a situation has recently been drawn to my attention, and so it is a time when those of us who work in the Light have to make a stand against those who are at the effect of the Lords of the Dark Face.

There is a group of so-called magical people based in The Netherlands who have been, and are currently publishing online, scurrilous, untrue, defamatory and slanderous comments about my friend and fellow Third Degree Initiate, Ina Custers-van Bergen, the Magister Templi of the Temple Of Starlight. I wish to make it perfectly clear to everyone that I deplore this outrageous and evil behaviour and fully stand alongside Ina as a person of the highest integrity and who, like me and the rest of our fellow Third Degree Initiates of the Fraternitatis Alexandrae walk the Path of Light.

This kind of behaviour only serves to bring the whole magical community into disrepute. I urge anyone reading this post to ignore completely any of this material should they come across it, and not to look for it, as it is important that we do not give this work of the Lords of Chaos any further energy than it has already received. The best and most effective way to address this is to send love and light to those who perpetrate this evil and to simply continue your own work in the Light.

I am reminded of the First Degree Initiation Ritual of the Western Mysteries when the would-be initiate has the sword placed across the neck and the Magus says “This is the Sword of the Mysteries , if you fight against the Forces of Darkness it will give you strength, if you protect the weak, it will summon the Forces of Light. If you aspire to the highest it will point the way. But if you turn to the Lords of the Dark Face, it will be your Bane and your Destruction.”

The perpetrators of this slanderous material would do well to remember these words.

This message has also been posted on the Helios Website Blog.

Dr. Andy Cooper
Initiate of the Third Degree, The Fraternitatis Alexandrae
Founder & Director of Studies
The Helios School of Esoteric Science

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