Merlin’s Secrets II

Do you love all things medieval? Do you enjoy Renaissance Fairs and reenactment, and yet, you long for more? Are you fascinated by the myths of King Arthur and the knights and ladies of the Round Table? Did you know that you can make use of these mythical figures to discover your Inner Worlds where beauty and wisdom live? Do you want to discover this Inner Kingdom hidden deep inside yourself?

Then step into the shoes of the famous Lords and Ladies of the Round Table step into the magical world of Gwenifar, Morgana, Merlin, identify with famous grail knights and join us on mysterious quest for the most sacred of all inner  riches: the Holy Grail. Discover the how the enchanted lakes and mysterious forests of the myths are a part of your Inner Landscape. There we will search for the magical Grail Castle, heal the Fisher King from his nasty wound and partake in the mysterious procession of the Grail. Thus we will find the entrance to Land of Joy which is located deep inside of your sacred self as the White Hart. Join us and discover your rightful place as the  hero on the eternal Quest for Holiest of the Holy!

During our quest through the Enchanted Land we will discover the rich treasures that are hidden there. When we find them, they become magical tools, available for our use. This intensive journey into your Sacred Self is both a solo mission and an adventure taken on as a Fellowship. Are you brave enough to experience medieval myth as a way of developing your Sacred Self? Do you dare to try the ancient meditation techniques and Ritual Drama to delve into the depths of your mind?

Enrolment is closing soon so be quick and join us now! Experience Merlin’s Secrets!

FOR WHOM: It’s for everyone who loves meditation and reenactment, who wants to explore the power of ritual drama.
WHERE: the Eulenburg in 37520 Osterode, right at the border at the enigmatic Harz mountains in Germany.
WHAT: We will spend the weekend using guided meditation exercises and ritual drama to explore the Arthurian mythological landscape to experience the wealth of our inner vision.
WHEN: Start August 19th Friday evening 20.00 – 22.00, Saturday 20th from 10.00 – 22.00, Sunday 21th from 10.00 until +/- 17.00 O-Clock.
PRICE: € 295,00 handouts, coffee, tea and one Magical Banquet included

We can assist you in finding fitting accommodation near the workshop site in various price ranges. The places for this unique event are limited, so don’t hesitate and ENROL NOW!


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