Merlin’s Magical Methods

Hypersensitive people often have inexplicable experiences. Through a sudden spiritual awakening, the Veils-between-the-Worlds open, and the Road to Avalon appears. This mostly comes as a shock and raises the conclusion: “There must be ‘more’ to life!” But how to find this and whom to trust to be my guide at this unusual path? What if New Age spirituality is not an option? Then maybe you want to dive into the legacy of well-trusted adepts from the past and from there find the reliable sources of today; adepts like Carl Gustav Jung, Dion Fortune, Isaac Newton and Rudolf Steiner, how where they trained?

Join us on a journey into one of the most underestimated training programs for high sensitive people; the Grail Tradition. Enter the Grail Castle through the Gates of Wonder and learn to develop your psychic  and magical skills, by Merlin of Britain and the enchanting Morgaine le Faye. Identify with the knights and ladies, join us at the mythical Round Table and learn directly from the Fay how to enter into the Magical Otherworld: Learn from Nimue to listen for her teachings in the sounds of running rivers, become enchanted by Merlin’s voice rushing in the Winds. Witness the Interior Stars rising one by one, feel how your life gradually changes into an Enchanted Land.

Explore your Inner Kingdom and search for the magical treasures hidden there. This is both a solo journey and an adventure taken on as a Fellowship. Do you dare to look into the magical mirror of the Lady of the Lake and discover how extraordinary your life can become? Drink from the overflowing Grail Chalice and change your hypersensitivity into a blessing. Join us and experience Merlin’s Secrets!

FOR WHOM: It’s for everyone who wants to develop their sensitive talents into a valuable tool.
WHERE: the Eulenburg in 37520 Osterode, right at the border at the enigmatic Harz mountains in Germany.
WHAT: We will spend the weekend building a solid theoretical background to explore using guided meditation exercises and even ritual drama to explore the Arthurian mythological landscape to experience the wealth of our inner vision.
WHEN: Start August 19th Friday evening 20.00 – 22.00, Saturday 20th from 10.00 – 22.00, Sunday 21th from 10.00 until + 17.00 o’clock.
PRICE: € 295,00 handouts, coffee, tea and one Magical Banquet included.

We can assist you in finding fitting accommodation near the workshop site in various price ranges. The places for this unique event are limited, so don’t hesitate!

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