No Responses to “Earth Light”

  1. ollie hermans

    Hi Ina, This sounds all very interesting. I find it becoming harder to meditate these days. My life is becoming overcrowded, too much responsibilities, always having to be in charge and wondering more and more if there still is an ocean of quietness to meditate, losing control can be a happy place…a place of enlightenment. Do you have a suggestion? I’m on the wrong track right now…Ollie

    • Ina Custers van Bergen

      Hi Ollie
      In January 2018 we start with a new group to guide them through the Solo Magical Training. There you will get all the practical help you need to make meditation into a joyful habit to grow towards your full potential. Ina

  2. Kees Jan Mook

    I think you are right, but I really do not know how to make people aware of this. Sometimes I wonder if it is already too late. But as long as there are people who have a notion, people who are – for whatever reason – less sensible to these modern spells, there is still hope.

    • Ina Custers van Bergen

      Raise awareness is the key. But as you write; this is difficult, because people are busy raising their kids and providing an income. The awareness comes whith the awakening for the higher mind.

    • Ina Custers van Bergen

      Looking sideways helps a little bit, but becoming conscious of how they do this helps even more. Also when you meditate and build your own associations helps to remain independent.

  3. Dear Adept/Founder/CEO/Light-Worker!
    Dear Ima,
    I am so thrilled and impressed by your The Hermetic Temple of Starlight!!1 It is entirly “by accident: (n.b.: myself, like Dr. Carl Jung, do not believe in any such thing/experiene/
    event as being “accidental”!!!. Dr. Carl Jung, myself,, chose to use the world/term:”
    Congratulations of a Work/Job Well-Done!!!
    Most Cordially,
    In Light,Love,Joy, and Service to Humankind!
    Mr. John R. Rutt obl.osb,PhD. My earned doctorate is in Religious Metaphysis. -JRR

    • Ina Custers van Bergen

      Dear Merlijn
      The Book of the Caves offers a series of magical techniques that help for self improvement. I am not sure how lowering your body temperature fits into this. The teachings of the Book of the Caves however contain ceremonies.

  4. You write well. I’m enjoying _The Temple of High Magic_ quite a bit because you tackle fundamental definitions that other authors take for granted or can’t articulate. Also the energy of your magical lineage radiates both in your videos and in your writing. Your work encourages many who you do not even know! All best. Michael