21 Eternity – Magical Tarot Box


Eternity is the 21st Trump of my Tarot Deck “The Book of the Caves”.

For this Cave I designed a Magical Tarot Box that includes a ritual to train Far Memory.

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The tarot card Eternity is the path on the Tree of Life that connects the Earth Plane (Malkuth) to the dreamlike images of the Moon (Yesod). The Cave teaches you how to make a connection to the so called Otherworld in order to get information from the Deep Mind. Thus the Cave of Eternity teaches you to get access to the Wisdom Teachings that explain the Mysteries of Life and as a Goddess she opens doors to the Teachings of the Universe.

This Magical Tarot Box contains:

  • A consecrated and charged Votive Image that serves as a unique altar piece.
  • Candles, colored through, with a hand-painted affirmation on them
  • A special blend of Sacred Woods put together by myself, called the Fire of Azrael. This is the original and complete recipe, made according to a method that was communicated to me Mouth-to-Ear and which is unpublished
  • A mixture of oils, especially put together to awaken the ability of Far Memory
  • A booklet with printed instructions
  • The information you need to receive the online instructions in several teaching video’s on our Members platform, to perform the ritual that will teach you to use Far Memory
  • Several smaller items you need to perform this ritual.


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