The Beginnings of Wisdom

I will soon start a series of webinars called the ‘Hall of the Mountain King’. A series of lessons and meditations about the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. Some sages in the past called the wisdom stored in these images ‘The Beginnings of Wisdom’.

The Tarot is a greatly underestimated training tool. Many see the cards as a tool for fortune telling or as a tool to solve personal problems. But they have no clue how to use the cards, other than picking them at random and let their phantasy run wild.

Initiates of the Western Mystery Tradition know that the cards are keys to unmeasurable treasures of the mind. They are a training tool, an aid to open the mind to the deep layers of meditation. Used in the correct way, the cards train you to apply mental techniques that turn problems into opportunities.

The Tarot is sometimes called ‘The Book of Thoth’, and that is spot-on. The Book of Thoth is an unsurpassed magical treasure, it is the key to important mental powers.

The Book of Thoth is not easy to find and most certainly not easy to handle without the right knowledge:

“The Book is at Koptos in the middle of the river.
In the middle of the river is an iron box,
In the iron box is a bronze box,
In the bronze box is a keté-wood box,
In the keté-wood box is an ivory-and-ebony box,
In the ivory-and-ebony box is a silver box,
In the silver box is a gold box,
And in the gold box is the Book of Thoth.

Round about the great iron box are snakes and scorpions and all manner of crawling things, and above all there is a snake which no man can kill. These are set to guard the Book of Thoth.”

Of course this is all ancient symbolic alchemical language. When you are able to unlock the different boxes – this means that you are able to apply the knowledge from the Book in the correct way – When you are able to read the first page, you will;

 ‘Enchanted the sky, the earth, the abyss, the mountains, and the sea. You can understand the language of birds, fish, and beasts.

When you are able to read the second page, you can:

‘See the sun shining in the sky, with the full moon and the stars, and the great shapes of the Gods themselves; and so strong is the magic that the fishes come up from the darkest depths of the sea.

How to find the Book of Thoth?

How find the Book of Thoth and unlock the different boxes that protect its secrets? Many people are aware that there is ‘something more’ to life, a hidden depth that makes life meaningful and sacred. But first you need to develop the right mindset. With the help of the Minor Arcana cards we will discover these hidden treasures, mental techniques that help to develop your mind to reach the layers of magical an mystical consciousness, who enable you to enchant the ‘fishes’, so that they will come up from the ‘darkest depths of the sea’ of your subconscious mind.

The images of my tarot deck ‘The Book of the Caves’ all serve as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing sacred space and as an aid to meditation and trance induction.

Every magical image represents the spiritual journey, starting from the outer world into the inner core, through layers. Every tarot card unlocks the cultural spiritual and magical legacy of generations and generations of ancestors. Every one of the cards is accompanied by in-depth meditation exercises and magical techniques. All the cards together tell the story of the Soul that develops and grows towards the Light.

How can I participate?

I have developed a series of webinars. Together we will go through an entire Circle of the Year to experience the energies of the Hall of the Mountain King, card by card, image by image. Every week we will meet on Zoom. This makes it possible for everybody on this globe to participate in this exciting adventure!

In order to make this more accessible for people who want to join, I have divided the webinars in four series of each twelve lessons. In case you miss a lesson, you will always be able to catch up.

Don’t hesitate and enroll for this adventure NOW!!!

For Whom  For everyone who wants to deepen their insight into the Western Mystery Tradition and who loves Tarot, Meditation and practical magical work.

What   During twelve hours of webinars about the Minor Arcana, we will journey through the first quarter of the Hall of the Mountain King, plus one hour of individual coaching on your spiritual development.

Where   Via Zoom on Wednesdays, from  19.30 – 20.30 o’clock CEST/CET (Amsterdam time zone).

When   Start October 19 2022. The exact dates of each lesson can be found on the Calendar of the website.

Price per quarter 12 Lessons of each one hour € 269,00 plus one individual coaching session of one hour via Zoom.

Don’t hesitate and enroll for this adventure, and add to basket


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