The Digital Journey

Due to the Corona pandemic we have discovered the benefit of teaching by means of weekly webinars. For this reason we have included this way of teaching in our program. The series of webinars are called “The Digital Journey”. It is an adventure into the classical Mysteries that starts with the famous words that were once written above the Temples in ancient Greece:

Know Thyself

is the adagio that was written above many Temples for ages. But knowing yourself is only the start of the journey of becoming an Initiate of the Mysteries! It was written above the entrance of the Temple. After having passed this doorway into the Mysteries the so called Great Work begins…

It sounds so awesome! A heroic goal for a distant future. Many are attracted to the glamour side of the Mysteries: the incense, the crystals, the magical potions and spells: and not to forget the promised Powers. Many forget that the Great Work means … work!

Too often the Mysteries are used as an escape route to flee from life’s difficulties such as problems in relations, unbalanced mental states, work and money related problems etc. Many approach the Mysteries with the desire to get access to spells to fix their issues. They feel the need to take control and power without knowing how this works. The solution is not to add magic to an existing imbalance.

The Great Work is a Call to Action:

Heal Thyself!

Many people know the Hermetic Adagio “As Above, So Below”. But do you realize there is also a relation between the Truth Inside and the effects this Inner State has on your life? If your head is a mess, what is your life like?
The Mysteries also say:

As Within So Without

Heal Thyself… but how to do this? And what is the role of the magical potions and spells to achieve this? During the Digital Journey we will be working on a broad variation of topics all connected to the Tree of Life, the Tarot, Astrology, Alchemy, Mythology etc. We will focus on the Mysteries of Healing that are enclosed in the sacred teachings of all ages.

We meet weekly during a semester. Every semester consists of a series of 20 webinars. We will do meditation exercises, work with arts and crafts, explore theoretical backgrounds and dig into actual topics that are of interest to the Mysteries.

Everyone is interested in the Sacred Teachings of All ages is welcome to enroll for this program. All the exercises and homework of the Digital Journey are additional to any other program of our school.

I am looking forward to meeting you online soon!

Dates: For the actual dates look up the Calendar on the website

Place: Zoom on Wednesdays 19.30 – 20.30 o’clock CET/CEST (Amsterdam time zone)

Price: 20 Lessons of one hour € 430,00


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