The Fountain of Hope

It has been a while ago since you heard from me. I have been withdrawn a little bit from the internet lately. But these are strange times. The developing Corona pandemic is causing a lot of fear, uncertainty and stress. Everyone is asked for their expertise to solve this crisis. So it is important for me now to break the silence, offer my two cents and reach out to you.

We live in a time when Pandora has opened her box, it releases uncertainty and fear. We worry we could lose our jobs. We are insecure whether official information can be trusted. We can lose our health and our loved ones, even our lives …  In anticipation of possible horror scenarios we hoard … toilet paper???

It is a time of transformation. I deeply feel that Mother Earth wants us to change direction. It is as if Gaia pushes us through a new and narrow birth canal, towards an unknown future, that will look completely different from where we are right now. What is the deeper meaning of this crisis? How do we cope with the uncertainties that lie ahead of us?

During this time of transformation we will face all kinds of unknown scenarios that we cannot even imagine today. This is going to become a turning point in history. During this time of change we need the wisdom of the spiritual community. In order to become an effective force, we need to free our minds from paranoia and open up to the Bigger Plan of the Planetary Spirit. When Pandora opens her box, we need to find hope, we need to become resilient and connect as a community!

In order to do so, let us join forces and come together to learn techniques that develop the Higher Skills of the mind. Techniques that enable you to fight your fear and stress, to feel the protection and support of the community and to connect us to the Fountain of Hope, where all solutions whirl up from deep resources.

In order to achieve this, I organize a series of FREE webinars on We will come together for weekly meditations. They will help you to stay calm and become resilient, and a source of comfort and support to those around you.

I am looking forward to meeting you there!


How to participate:

  • We meet weekly at Sunday evenings, starting on March 29 at 19.30 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST = Amsterdam) for a webinar at
  • You need to be subscribed to the email list to receive the weekly links and passwords for the webinar
  • You need to download and install the Zoom client before the meeting (once)
  • At this moment we have 100 places available.

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    1. Hi Suthisa, if you want to join us for the meditations, please subscribe to the newsletter. On Friday we will publish the link to the online meditation via our newsletter

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