The Journey of the Fool

Many of you know that I have been working on a tarot deck, but few have realized that the cards are only a part of the project. What I have been working on is an extensive magical system, that consists of a multileveled Inner Landscape. I have worked out this landscape completely. Every part of the teaching links together Tarot, Astrology, Geomancy, Magical Treasures, Magical Techniques, guided meditations, background theory, historical research and so on.

From now on I will be publishing teachings in the form of video teachings from each between 45 minutes to one hour in length about the different aspects of the Inner Landscape. The video lessons will be published one by one. Each lesson is a complete teaching. Together they will step by step initiate you into the Inner Landscape through which you travel as The Fool, while trying to find your way through the Labyrinth of Life.

In the guided meditation that I publish this week you will learn to know The Fool and start your journey through the Enchanted Lands …


The Call for Adventure – Pathworking

I like to travel and I always look to see if there are old stories about places I plan to visit. Conversely, a story sometimes makes a seemingly meaningless place interesting to visit. For this reason, I climbed Mount Cadair Idris in Wales. Among the people who climbed this mountain before me are the magician Merlin and the poet Yeats. They wrote that if you spend the night on this mountaintop, you change into a visionary or a poet.

So I decided to follow their footsteps. In my naivety, I assumed that there are worse examples to follow. I thought it might be an interesting journey, not realizing that fools walk in areas that angels wouldn’t dare to tread … So here I am, climbing the so-called Chair of the giant Idris. The mountain is steep; I can hear my breathing getting faster. I climb the sandy path through the pine wood. I inhale the smell of mushrooms evaporating from the moist woods. Every time I touch the branches, the pine trees greet me with their spicy perfume, drifting nebula form fragile veils that filter the sun’s light. When the rays of the sun break through the mists, they create cathedrals of light. The leaves of the trees whirl on the wind, rushing, bowing and receiving the blessings of the elements. They move like dancers, engaged in a whirling duet with the ever-changing forces of nature …’

With these words the Journey of the Fool begins, the start of a series of guided meditations that take you through advanced teachings on the Tarot Cards.



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