The Sacrifice of the King

Coming Sunday April 12 the Christian world celebrates Easter, it is their most important religious feast. The theme of the Christian stories connected to this feast are the Sacrificial Death and the Resurrection of the Sacred King.

The power of mythical stories is that they explain the nature of patterns that we  experience in our life. The myths connected to Easter give us a special view on the world wide crisis that we all have to deal with.

Coming Sunday we will focus our weekly meditation on the Sacrifice of the Sacred King. The archetypical King has many names in different mythologies: he has been called Osiris, Christ, the Fisher King to name a few.

One of the themes the myth of the Fisher King teaches us is:

The King and the Land are one.

But who is the King and what is the Land?

Many stories predate Christianity, together they teach us the existence of a natural cycle, they bring hope and comfort and they teach us the important themes we need to contemplate to find our way out of the worldwide pandemic.

Let us meet Sunday evening on Zoom for a meditation and keep up the good spirits during this time of stress and disease.

You need a few items to prepare yourself for this. If you are not able to get all the items yourself, you can still join us and benefit from the experience.

What you need:

  • A candle (you can use the candle of last week, or use a fresh one)
  • Fire
  • A small cardboard box or a small terra cotta pot filled with soil
  • Flower seeds

Love, Light and Health


  • Date: Sunday, April 12
  • Time: 19.30 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST = Amsterdam)
  • You need to register at once and allow the Zoom client for meetings to install
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