The Sailing Lessons

While we are all still enduring the stress of the pandemic we are going through for over a year now I want to tell you a little bit about some of the important strategic choices Initiates in the Hermetic Mysteries apply to their lives:

We all deal with difficult times in our lives, there are no exceptions and no free rides. There is only one guarantee in your life, and that is the fact that you will die in the end. Nobody knows when it comes and under what circumstances, but that it will come is a fact.

The First Choice: Become fearless

The first strategic choice that an Initiate makes is to stop being afraid for death. Some people may believe that there is an afterlife, or that reincarnation exists, others firmly believe that there is no-thing; their answers are ideas or beliefs and only few who are still alive are able to look behind those veils… so choose an option that you feel comfortable with: there is no scientific proof to keep you from deciding for yourself.

The Second Choice: Learn how to navigate

The real question is: if the end of your life is a fact, how do you spend your time in the meantime?
The answer is: To enhance the quality of the NOW.
How do you do this?
Life is like a vast ocean and sometimes the waters are calm, at other times you will need to ride the rough waves. The challenge at those stormy times is to keep your boat on track, to stay on top of the waves and to prevent it from capsizing. The Mystery Teachings train you in ‘sailing lessons’: they prepare you to conquer even the worst storms!

By teaching you the ‘sailing lessons’ we coach you in such a way that conquering the waves becomes a second nature to you. The techniques teach you:

  • Learn to look inside,
  • Acknowledge what is there
  • and heal what hurts by learning the lessons and cause the necessary changes.

The Third Choice: I come to know in order to Serve

The first and the second choice enable you to solidify your basis, the third choice is to invest in MEANING: Investigate how everything you experience serves a higher goal. There is a Light of Goodness in every experience. To search for that Light – regardless of your circumstances – is a method to keep yourself sane and energized under all circumstances. Then you decide how this Light can contribute to the Good of All.

This leads to the third strategic choice: “I come to know in order to Serve”. By making this choice you have shifted your consciousness from ‘What is in it for me’ to providing your unique contribution to the community, to the planet and bring that Light into dark places. Working and living according to this principle will enable you to work with passion and will make your life meaningful. You will begin to experience that you receive inspiration and vision.

The Digital Argo’s Journey

In order to take these Sailing Lessons you need to have a boat. The Argo was the mysterious boat that brought the Greek heroes of antiquity to the Earth to fulfill their highest mission. The Digital Argo is our international online group training. We meet weekly through webinars. Together we make this amazing Inner Journey by participating in the teaching, practicing the exercises and implementing the techniques in our daily life.

You are welcome to join us on Wednesday evenings from 19.30 to 20.30 CET.

  • When you have worked together with us in the past, you can enroll by sending us an email.
  • When you are new to the work of the Academy for Hermetic Arts and Sciences, please drop us an email to introduce yourself and we will make an appointment to see whether our expectations meet.

Place: Online webinar
Time: Wednesday evenings from 19.30 to 20.30 CET. Start February 17, 2021
Price: for the semester based on 20 group lessons of one hour is € 415,00

The Inner Journey

When the time for the Digital Argo Journey does not fit you, or you prefer individual coaching, you can also apply for the Inner Journey. You can read more about the Inner Journey here.
Apply by dropping us an email to introduce yourself and explain your motivation and we will make an appointment to see whether our expectations meet.

Place: Online coaching
Time: on appointment
Price: for the semester based on 10 individual lessons of 30 minutes plus a course book € 333.50

I hope to meet you there

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