The Secret Wisdom Teachings of the West

A lot of people think that Western Culture doesn’t know a shamanic tradition or an esoteric Wisdom Teaching. That is why they turn to exotic traditions such as Yoga or Mindfulness. They are wrong, the Western Esoteric Tradition is hidden in plain sight:

In myths and legends, in children’s rhymes and traditional folk feasts such as the erecting of the May pole or Carnival there is an underlying system of wisdom teachings taking us back to the oldest cultures with written and unwritten sources. Hidden in ordinary fairytales, in classical books, operas, sculptures and paintings is a language of symbols that takes us right into a very ancient form of nature spiritualism. You find the Western Esoteric Tradition in the great Greek myths, in Grimm’s fairy tales, in operas like Mozart’s Magical Flute. Even modern authors get inspired, like Tolkien when he wrote the Lord of the Rings and JK Rowling while writing the Harry Potter novels.

The key to these wisdom teachings is called Hermeticism. Do you know the expression that something is hermetically closed? Hermetic Keys are symbolic maps that enable you to unravel the hidden teaching. In Western Esoterics, riddles, symbols and imagination form important methods to get access to the higher spiritual realms, when you combine them with meditation, arts and crafts, and mystery play. The key to open these doors is the Hermetic Tree of Life.

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Are you interested in discovering this spiritual path? Do you want to know why Snow White fell asleep, why you cannot escape from Frau Holle’s work, or do you want to discover the true nature of Baba Yaga’s house?

We will explore the sacred teaching of seasonal myths, pathworkings and wisdom teachings, and we will be hunting for magical treasures!

For whom: The webinars are for everyone who is interested in personal development and expansion of consciousness.

What: 18 webinars of one hour, chock-full with theoretical explanation, meditation exercises, magical techniques and magical treasure hunting.

Place: Zoom. 18 Wednesday evenings from July 21 until November 17 from 19.30 until 20.30 CEST/CET.

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