The Seed of Hope

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How are you doing during this long lockdown? In the beginning of the pandemic there was a fearful excitement everywhere. It was frightening, new, unexpected and we all needed to adjust very quickly.

Now the crisis lasts longer and we are approaching another level of stress and mental pressure, the risk is that it will creep under your skin. We observe the first signs of what the mental pressure does to people. We are beginning to see what weeks of isolation means for the mind: outbreaks of aggression, protests against the  emergency laws, suspicion about the motives of governments, fear to lose our freedom and democracy. A big question hovers above our heads: “When and how will this end?”

During other crises, Initiates of the Mysteries developed and applied mental techniques to stay sane. They left us techniques to stay mentally healthy during crises and long periods of isolation. At the Sunday evenings we are working together for several weeks now to provide you with a toolkit of mental techniques to help you to get through it.

Coming Sunday May 3 we will continue the work on the Seed of Hope. If you joined us some weeks ago you will now have a magical flower pot with some sprouts coming out of the soil. Take that flower pot with you during this meditation. If you don’t have that, then simply fill a pot with soil and put some flower seeds in the soil and take it with you to work with during the meditation.

We meet coming Sunday evening on Zoom for a meditation and to keep up the good spirits during this time of stress and disease. For people who live outside of Europe, please pay attention to the time zone. I noticed that there are people who try to join our meetings one hour too late; the Academy for Hermetic Arts and Sciences is located in the Netherlands, that means that we are in the Central European Summer Time zone (CEST) and that is one hour ahead of London.

You need a few items to prepare yourself for this. If you are not able to get all the items yourself, you can still join us and benefit from the experience.

What you need:

  • A candle (you can use the candle of last week, or use a fresh one)
  • Fire
  • Flower box with soil and seeds

Love, Light and Health


  • Date: Sunday, April 26
  • Time: 19.30 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST = Amsterdam)
  • You need to register at once and allow the Zoom client for meetings to install
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