The start of my pilgrimage

At this moment I am working at the Magical Treasures of the Cave of the Fool – The Child from the Deep Waters. I am gathering my information, desciding on the material to create the Fool’s magical pouch. Everything is quiet around me, I experience a serene rest, the right circumstances to do creative work and becoming absorbed in the magical process of contacting the right energies.

‘Do you want to visit a village?’ my husband invites me to go for a walk.
I think I can need a distraction, creating these boxes is most of the time an inside job, in the house and in a visionairy state. I could use some fresh air and a nice walk to stretch my muscles.
‘Where do you want to go?’ I ask him.
‘I have heard that Ghent is a beautiful mediaeval city, I would like to visit it’.
‘That sounds interesting’, I answer and off we go.

Ghent is at a 1,5 hours distance from Rotterdam. We go there on a windy sunny day. We walk around in the center and along the canals. We admire the old fashioned houses, windows beautifully decorated with statues; what a love these ancient builders put into their work. I realise that this was made by hand and only with very primitive materials.

Along the walk the thought crosses my mind whether this small journey will give me additional information about the tarotcard The Fool and about the Cave: The Child of the Deep Waters.
‘I will show you, don’t worry’, a trusted voice speaks in my head.
‘Now I am really curious’, I think, I cannot imagine what He has planned.

We walk along the canals, we visit the old castle in the middle of the town. In my mind I fill in the details in every room; this is where they had dinner, this is where they stored their food. I see how it was both a place for a family to live, and a fortification for the village to offer shelter in times of an attack. Going down the dungeons I discover the reason why the tourist shop of the castle sells little ghosts; my god this place is haunted!

Then we sit down near the Fish Market to drink a cup of coffee and I point out to my husband the beautiful statue of Poseidon with his Dolphins.

‘Still no Fool’, I think…
‘Don’t underestimate me,’ the answer is.

We continue our walk, now on the way back to pick up the car, when a strong ghust of wind pushes us around a corner. Then I see it, the Mason’s Guild Hall, with on the roof ….. my eyes become big, I gasp for breath, feel goose bumps all over:
‘Is six fools dancing on the wind enough confirmation for you? Count on it, the Cave is activated.’ and I hear a hilarious laughter.

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