The Treasures of the White Goddess – Q & A

Last week I sent you video about the upcoming webinars wherein I explained what we will be doing coming trimester. As a response I got a list of very good questions. I thought; let’s make a video to answer them, because everyone would like to hear the answers. So, here we go:



  1. In what language are the webinars? 
    We are an international school, so the main language is English. But we have students who speak Dutch, German and Italian, so if you speak one of those languages we can work out solutions in the case you speak one of those languages.
  2. Do you have an agenda or a program of the titles of the 18 webinars?
    The webinars follow the Wheel of the Year. This trimester the sun travels through Sagittarius, Capricornus, Aquarius and Aries. That is the focus of the program. The lessons contain mythical stories, theoretical explanations, arts and crafts and meditations; all related to these four constellations.
  3. Is there homework and how much time will it take me? 
    The only homework comes from arts and crafts, but this is optional. It is up to everyone personally how much extra time you put into this.
  4. I am a beginner, but the webinars are also for advanced practitioners. How do I prepare myself?
    You don’t have to study extra things. I can imagine that your question stems from the fact that both beginners and advanced participate. Within the classes of the Academy for Hermetic Arts and Sciences, some teaching packages are designed in such a way that everyone can work with them. You start with the experience you have NOW, and from the point where you are NOW. Everyone can take the next step with these lessons. Compare it to music; you yourself are the instrument. You can begin practicing playing the violin and you can be a concert violinist. Both can play the same piece.
  5. Is there extra study material required that is not included in the price? 
    There is no extra study material required. The webinars consist of 18 hours of mostly practical lessons. They are not theory classes. Compare them with musical education or gym classes.
  6. What will I have learned at the end of the series?
    You will have learned skills: you have laid a foundation for further spiritual development, you have learned a piece of nature spirituality, meditation techniques, creative visualisation. You have learned business in the field of Humanities, Culture History, Hermeticism, Astrology, Magic, Mythology, Philosophy to name a few.
  7. There is possibility for extra guidance I saw. What should I be thinking about? Is that substantive or personal?
    It is the possibility to book one hour of my time to have a zoom call. You can choose what you want to talk about. That may be a coaching conversation about a personal topic, it may also be a question hour about the work at the Academy for Hermetic Arts and Sciences.
  8. Does the series stand on its own as a completed whole, or is it rather an introduction to further education within your academy? 
    This series stands on its own, it is a module. You don’t need to study anything in advance, there are no obligations towards the future. But of course it is also a great way to get acquainted with the school and its way of working.

Those are the answers to the questions I got. If you have further questions, or if you want to enroll for the webinars, you can contact me at

I hope to meet you soon at Zoom


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