The Treasures of the White Goddess

Are you a seeker for meaning? Do you want to develop yourself? Do you long for that expansion of consciousness that takes you into the deeper aspects of your soul, beyond psychology and right into cosmic experiences? Are you searching for the wisdom teachings that result in inner illumination?

Hidden in ordinary fairytales, in classical books, operas, sculptures and paintings is an authentic mystery teaching, that takes you right into a very ancient form of western shamanism.

The key to unlock these wisdom teachings is the Hermetic Tree of Life. Hermetic meditation exercises are keys that open doors to worlds of inner riches. They train your mind to access cosmic wisdom. By using a balanced series of very advanced techniques of meditation and applied imagination, you will gain access to the higher spiritual realms. A unique combination of meditation techniques with arts and crafts, with trance journeys, founded on a solid theoretical background, the doors of your Inner Worlds open to Inner Treasures and Healing experiences.

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This coming trimester we will be working with myths and legends that contain the instructions and techniques of classical western shamanistic and magical practices and we will be discovering even more hidden treasures.

Are you interested in discovering this spiritual path? Do you want to know why Snow White fell asleep, what the qualities are of the apples that are hanging from Frau Holle’s Tree, or do you want to discover the true nature of Baba Yaga’s house? Then enroll for the upcoming trimester. We will start a second series of 18 webinars. We will explore the sacred teachings of seasonal myths via guided meditation and we will be hunting for magical treasures!

For whom: The webinars are for everyone who is interested in personal development, who  wants to explore the meaning of life and who wants answers to existential questions. These webinars are of interest for both beginners and for highly trained practitioners of the Western Mystery Tradition: they are chock-full of new information, applied techniques and surprises!

What: 18 webinars of one hour, chock-full with theoretical explanation, meditation exercises, magical techniques and magical treasure hunting.

Place: Zoom.  On 18 Wednesday evenings we will gather online, starting on December 1  2021 until March 23 2022, from 19.30 until 20.30 CEST/CET.

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