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The Digital Journey

Due to the Corona pandemic we have discovered the benefit of teaching by means of weekly webinars. For this reason we have included this way of teaching in our program. The series of webinars are called “The Digital Journey”. It is an adventure into the classical Mysteries that starts with the famous words that were…

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The Sailing Lessons

While we are all still enduring the stress of the pandemic we are going through for over a year now I want to tell you a little bit about some of the important strategic choices Initiates in the Hermetic Mysteries apply to their lives: We all deal with difficult times in our lives, there are…

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The Light of Memory

Coming Sunday, July 5, we meet again at the 15th edition of the FREE webinars. This time we are going ignite the Light of Memory. It is also called the Light of Knowledge. Knowledge differs from Wisdom in the sense that Knowledge is the result of lived experience. This evening we are going to contact…

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