Winter Solstice – Angels of the Turning of the Year

Today is the day of the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year. The last few months we at the Northern hemisphere have witnessed the light decreasing. We all experienced the Wild Hunt, that army of ghostly supernatural huntsmen who blow their energies over our lands with the Winds of the autumn storms.

These natural phenomena affect our personal lives and force us to go inside of ourselves and contemplate on the choices we are making.

On a planetary scale we all face the misbalance of the planet; the climate change, the devastation of our fellow human beings, subject to earthquakes, super hurricanes, forests aflame with huge wild fires. We see people who lose everything they own. Still war victims leave their home country in a mass migration and undertake that devastating journey, in the hope for better circumstances.

Other people face their fears of not being able to cope with an influx of a cultural group with different ethical standards, they are afraid for their jobs, their future, their children’s future. A lot of people feel manipulated by their governments; we pay them to serve the Good of All. We hire them to protect our interests and our human rights. People feel that political systems have become corrupted, Big Money pulling the strings and laying the business risk on the population. Some of us become victims of the increasing decline of our cultural values in the naming and shaming of good an innocent people on the internet …

The Battle for your Light

We run the risk to be ruled by fear. The forces of Light and Darkness battle for your Inner Light! As a spiritual teacher I live in this world and I am subject to the same forces. I say that together we can change the outcome, starting with making changes in our own lives. The worldwide misbalance on all the fronts has one common force that we can influence on an individual basis; and that by concentrating on OUR HUMANITY. We hold the keys of that force in our hands.
So let us start to empower the connection on the level of HUMANITY and UNITY OF THE PLANET as a LIVING ORGANISM. At this longest night of the year we sow the seed of GROWING INNER LIGHT.


The Angels of the Turning of the Year

The Angels of the Turning of the Year will deepen our insight and help us to carry our intentions to raise our Inner Light and carry the Seed of Humanity to the hearts of our fellow human beings and offer it as inspiration. Join us and you will be able to formulate your best wishes for the coming year. Let me introduce you to the Angels of the Turning of the Year:


Today it is December 21 of the year 2017. Winter Solstice.

At this Yule day, I, Archangel Gabriel, I blow the horn of Annunciation that opens the Portals of Heaven. I have a very special message for you:

We are now amidst of the darkest part of the year,
approaching the turning of the year.
In these days we celebrate the return of the Sun.
I have some questions for you to reflect on:

What was your contribution for the community this year?
What do you want to invest in the people around you in the year to come?
What community goals do you want to take with you to the next year?
And what energies inside of you do you want to discharge?

In order for you to welcome the New Year:
clean yourself from all impurities and fears.
Thus you will be free to fully embrace the new challenges:

I invite you to welcome the Angels of the Turning of the Year.
Invoke them, and empower the world!
Invite them, and they will add their blessings to the new Time Spirit.

Today I introduce you to the first of a series of eleven angels.
I open the Gates of Blessings for you;
welcome the Guardian Angels of  the New Light!

Let me introduce to you the first one of these powerful angels.


Angel of the New Light

Welcome dear souls,
I am the angel who ignites the New Light.
I bring the new Light of the Year to the Earth.
With it, I light the Light of Reflection in you.
I bring both promise and hope.

I clean the world from desecration
I take with me your despair.
I illuminate the Light of Humanity of the coming year on Earth.

I bring you a present: your new Book of Wisdom.
Open it and fill with new goals and new insights.

My gift to the Planet is the realization of its sacredness.
I invite you to meditate on my gift …

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