You are fired!

Thanks to all my critical reviewers. I have news for you; you are all fired! Your opinion is not inspiring, soul searching or even interesting. You can give your opinion about me, but I choose not to listen. Your critical reviews are your private projections: your public outcries of your personal incompetence to contribute to the community. They tell me that you are not connected to your deeper resources. You don’t see me, you even don’t see yourself. Your opinion of me is your private affair, your personal repair and construction project.

Aeons ago, your criticism was positive feedback, it was a gift that came forth from the relationship. We learned from discussions that were an exchange of information. We could see each other and learn from each other. A critical note was a good reason for soul search. But this does not work any longer for me, since I have managed to make that connection with my pure soul. And this invalidates any rational discussion based on whose arguments are stronger.

Aeons ago I was too insecure about my value and my truth. I used critical opinions to examine myself. Criticism challenged me to test my truth. But criticism also hurts me, makes me angry, damages me and I loose precious time to recover from this to heal my soul. Not all critical opinions are said out of love. Not all critical opinions help to grow. Connected with my soul I experience what feeds my spirit, and what doesn’t. Criticism is not helping me to grow.

So I have decided to no longer need to waste my time to repair the flow of my soul. My inspiration is no point of discussion. I want to spend my time and energy to exchange inspiration with equal minded people. Connected to my deepest essence I feel my deepest truth loud and clear. So I thank all those who taught me for the task I gave them. But now the job is finished and you are all fired!

In the loving embrace with my soul, I long to share my inspiration and energy with equal minded. In unity with my loving spirit I feel alive and fulfilled with joy and happiness. I feel valuable, useful and important. I am one with my unique mission in this world and feel deeply how to contribute to the recovery of the Great Oneness.

So if you feel the need of spreading your critical opinion about me, my sincere wish for you is that you awaken from this moment and restore the sparkling connection to your own soul instead. In this way vision and delight also become a source of inspiration for you again.

Does that mean that I am no longer interested in you? I am interested in your joy, your creativity, your contribution to the beauty of the world. I hope that when we exchange the desires of our souls, we can truly inspire each other and celebrate our friendship in exalting joy.


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