Luminous Mind Training

An intensive mental training for High Sensitive Persons

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Are you a high sensitive person, are you intuitive or do you have extraordinary experiences?

Intuition, creative inspiration, Eureka-moments, visionary breakthroughs, peak experiences; all these special states of consciousness are hardly scientifically investigated. All these experiences are the results of high sensitivity. Recent scientific research into high sensitivity show us that high sensitive persons receive more information and process this information at a deeper level than non-HSP persons. When these talents are developed, people expand their capacities into ‘high performance creativity’.

Artists, composers, dancers, inventors, mathematicians, scientists and CEO’s have one common characteristic; at the moment important realizations break through, they show the same brainwaves that are measured during the ‘peak experiences’ of Lama’s, Yogi’s and Mystics. At the Eureka-moment, the brain shows one and the same pattern. People report a state of expanded consciousness; this is what we call the Luminous Mind.

Do you want to learn how to induce Luminous Mind?

Are you interested in the development of alternate states of consciousness? Do you work in a profession whereby creative inspiration is important? Are you a CEO, director, manager, top sportsman, are you professionally engaged in creativity, development of consciousness, intuition, trance or flow, like meditation- or yoga teachers, mediums musicians, writers, artists etc.? You can train yourself to receive inspiration.

Luminous Mind Training

Luminous Mind Training is a training method that teaches how to switch from a normal waking state of consciousness into a state of heightened consciousness, a ‘Luminous Mind’.

In this state of consciousness you have a direct access to your subconscious mind, your creativity and your intuition. You enter into this state of consciousness by means of specialized meditation techniques , breathing exercises and visualization techniques that originate in the Hermetic Teachings. These techniques are called Deep Imagination. Once you have learned how to get into this state of raised consciousness, you can train yourself to access this state quicker and easier.

During individual sessions or group meetings, blocked energy is unlocked and you train yourself to get into this state of Luminous Mind.

You learn to get into this state of Luminous Mind by:

  • Applying tailor made meditation techniques
  • Conversations to address specific challenges
  • Creative craft tasks that support the meditation techniques
  • Deep Imagination assignments that solve traumas and unlock the potential for new developing talents.

Therapeutic Methods

  • Regression- and Hypnotherapy
  • NLP
  • Family constellations
  • Ritual Drama and Mystery play
  • Deep Imagination, meditation techniques from the Hermetic Teachings

Luminous Mind Training; what is in it for me?

  • Better and deeper concentration during longer periods of time
  • Enhanced creativity because of the cooperation of the conscious and the subconscious mind
  • Brilliant raids and Eureka-moments
  • Deeper relaxation
  • A more intense appreciation of for example art and nature
  • Resolving personal blockages by means of Deep Imagination, learning to use meditation techniques in a way that they heal your life
  • The experience of life-changing peak experiences.
  • The ability to work for extended periods of time in a creative flow.

What is Deep Imagination

Deep Imagination is a training method that uses meditation techniques, trance, imagination, channeling etc. All these states of consciousness have specific patterns of brainwaves that can be trained, as well as specific scopes of application.

Deep Imagination is spectacular!

We find the instruments for Deep Imagination around us in symbols, like tarot cards, mythical stories and archetypes. Once you start to use the Hermetic Teachings that are at the base of our methods, a healing process starts to unfold that causes the subconscious mind to answer to the symbols.

Some people know this from shamanistic traditions or the influence of certain hallucinogenic plants; using Deep Imagination initiates this healing process takes place only by applying the meditation techniques of Deep Imagination, without the use of any external natural or chemical resources, under full conscious control!

What is the use of learning Deep Imagination?

Do you want to increase your intuition, receive Eureka-moments more frequently, develop hyper-empathy, receive visionary breakthroughs, receive more peak-experiences; all these qualities are the fruits of developing your high sensitivity by means of Deep Imagination.

Training hypersensitivity is learning to get access to higher states of consciousness at will and to develop a Luminous Mind. At the moment you have gained control over your hyper sensitivity and created a better balance in your life, you can learn to reap the fruits of this talent. This means that you add a great amount of quality to your life!

Prices for Coaching:

The first session always is a 30 min. intake. We will investigate your coach questions. Based on the outcome we will develop a plan. Every follow up session will last 1,5 hours.

  • Intake: € 47,- (and free when this is followed up by coaching)
  • Coaching session: € 125,-
  • Evaluation 30 min: € 47,-
  • Aftercare: through Skype follow up sessions of 30 min: € 47,-

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