transpersonal coaching

Luminous Mind Training

Are you a high sensitive person, are you intuitive or do you have extraordinary experiences?
It is only recently that science started to seriously investigate intuition, creative inspiration, eureka moments, visionary revelations and peak experiences. All these qualities are the fruits of high sensitivity. How do you develop these talents and what benefits do they bring?

Magical Books

During the 30+ years that I have been teaching I wrote many magical books. A few of them are for sale in the public domain. Most of them are workbooks for supervised training: they are filled with knowledge to be applied and exercises that need to be practiced. Magic is an art of life for the adventurous. Pursue it daily and you will benefit from its healing, life changing powers!

About Ina Custers-van Bergen

Welcome at my website. Let me introduce myself: behind this link you find my curriculum, my list of publications, my performances, my mission and why I choose the Egyptian maxim: ‘Unifying the Two Lands’ as my magical motto.