Angel of the Matrix – Angels of the Turning of the Year

December 30 of the year 2017.

At this day, I, the Archangel Gabriel, introduce the Tenth Angel of the Turning of the Year.

I have introduced you to one of the most important instruments
of the spiritual art that is called Sacred Magic.

Meditate on the gifts of the angels
and the angels will reveal it to you.
Listen to the Angel of the Matrix.



Angel of the Matrix

Welcome in my atmosphere.
I hold the matrix of the cosmic pattern of your desire.
When you activate my gift
I take your desire into the Astral light.

I am the Angel who cleanses the world from desecration
I bring you the Blessings of the Pattern.

The Tree of Life penetrates deeply in all layers of the Universe.
It holds all the powers of manifestation.
But without desires
nothing can manifest in your life.

Your desires are building blocks.
What do you wish for the world to manifest in 2018?
I invite you to share your insights with the world.


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