Merlin’s Secrets

Do you know that mythology and ancient folk tales contain powerful techniques for self-development? Do you know that these ancient stories contain powerful patterns of the deep mind which can be used for self-empowerment? These patterns can help you discover your unique talents and abilities.

People think that it is a hard job to work at yourself, but surprisingly fantasy is the most underestimated tool and imagination has been proven to be an important bridge to contact the deep mind. Both these tools make this work into a meaningful, a joyful and even an ecstatic experience.

The weekend retreat “Merlin’s Secrets” is based on very ancient and proven methods for self-development. Beauty, wonder and mystery open the gate to the Realm of the Imagination, where you enter as a Grail Seeker into the Enchanted Lands of your deep self. Can you imagine yourself experiencing your life’s adventure as a valiant Knight or a beautiful Faery Lady at the Court of King Arthur at the Round Table?

“Merlin’s Secrets” takes you on a quest to the Enchanted Lands of your Inner Self. You will participate into a quest for your personal mission to become the best version of your Self. The carefully chosen mental and spiritual exercises pave your way on the age-old Search for the Holy Grail. How to find the Grail Castle? In it are hidden the secrets to develop your unique talents and discover the hidden treasures of your Deep Mind. Do you dare to pass the Gates of Wonder and pass their challenges?

During this weekend you will transform into a Knight or a Faery Lady of the Round Table, enter your enchanted Inner Kingdom, and make an adventurous journey on the quest for Inner Treasures.

We look for Knights and Lady who yearn to join our Fellowship of the Grail and accompany us on this adventurous journey, to find the Grail Castle and learn how Merlin’s Secrets are the Key to the unfolding of your inner riches. You will learn to illuminates your Inner World, and to take care of your Enchanted Land. It will flourish and develop into an unending source of wonder, beauty and magic, an inner treasure that makes you a true Knight or Lady of the Court of Joy.

“What is the Grail and whom does it serve?”

Dare to answer these age-old questions and walk the Beautiful Road of your inner development! The Quest for the Grail is both a solo mission and an adventure taken on as a Fellowship. Join the Court of Joy, and enjoy the company of fellow travelers on this exciting path. Join us and discover Merlins Secrets.

FOR WHOM: It’s for everyone over 18 years of age who is interested in self-development.
WHERE: the Eulenburg in 37520 Osterode, right at the border at the enigmatic Harz mountains in Germany.
WHAT: We will spend the weekend using guided meditation exercises and even ritual drama to explore the Arthurian mythological landscape for our own personal development.
WHEN: Start August 19th Friday evening 20.00 – 22.00, Saturday 20th from 10.00 – 22.00, Sunday 21th from 10.00 until +/- 17.00 O-Clock.
PRICE: € 295,00 handouts, coffee, tea and one Magical Banquet included

We can assist you in finding fitting accommodation near the workshop site in various price ranges. The places for this unique event are limited and enrollment will close soon, so don’t hesitate and ENROLL NOW!

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