Merlin’s Secrets

Do you know that the Arthurian Mysteries are a metaphor for self-development? Are you aware that the Arthurian knights and ladies are archetypes that live and work in your very own mind? What exactly is the Grail and whom does it serve?

You, who are on a sacred mission to become the best version of your true Self, do you dare to pass the Gates of Wonder and face the challenges, just like the mythic Arthurian knights? Do you long to answer that Inner Calling and explore your own Enchanted Kingdom?

The Quest for the Grail is both a solo mission and an adventure taken on as a Fellowship. The journey to find your true Inner Being takes you through Enchanted Woods, singing Winds and dancing Fay that reflect themselves in the Lakes of the Land. There is a chance to meet famous magical animals like the Question Beast and the White Heart. Maybe even you will stand face to face with the Sword in the Stone that challenges you: are you fit to become the Once and Future King ruling your own life?

Accompany us on this adventurous journey, join the Fellowship of the Holy Grail. Meet lovesick Sir Lancelot, mysterious Merlin, graceful Guinevere, become enchanted by the magic of Morgana and learn from the knights and ladies of the Court of Joy. Experience the unfolding inner riches and the treasures they contain. Feel the Arthurian sun on your skin and experience how it illuminates your entire inner world. Become the king in your own Grail Castle and feel your Interior Stars lighting up one by one. Join fellow travellers on this exciting path and together taste from the overflowing Grail in your hands.

“What is the Grail and whom does it serve?” Dare to answer these age-old questions and step on the path to inner development yourself! Then join us and experience Merlin’s Secrets from within!

FOR WHOM: It’s for everyone who is interested in self-development.
WHERE: the Eulenburg in 37520 Osterode, right at the border at the enigmatic Harz mountains in Germany.
WHAT: We will spend the weekend using guided meditation exercises and even ritual drama to explore the Arthurian mythological landscape for our own personal development.
WHEN: Start August 19th Friday evening 20.00 – 22.00, Saturday 20th from 10.00 – 22.00, Sunday 21th from 10.00 until + 17.00 o’clock.
PRICE: € 295,00 handouts, coffee, tea and one Magical Banquet included.

We can assist you in finding fitting accommodation near the workshop site in various price ranges. The places for this unique event are limited, so don’t hesitate!

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