Superheroes and superpowers

As I wrote earlier, the emphasis on historical research causes us to underestimate the influence of art in modern magic. Nowadays …we regard the great myths as fantasies and children’s stories. But these great stories of the past and present are full of applied magic and teach us about the superpowers one can activate during the process of magical development.

The eastern traditions talk about the ‘Siddhis’, in Western Magic these powers belong to superheroes, who teach us about superpowers that every human being can access. You read about them in almost every magical story: powers like invisibility, telekinesis and the capacity to heal from a deadly wound. The power of these stories is that they stretch the imagination in situations where you could do with these superpowers. They influence the subconscious mind and cause you to recover from even the toughest challenges.

The subconscious mind is the hidden steering mechanism of our entire being, the part that determines all automatic body processes and unconscious choices you make in your life. The superheroes from the magical stories teach this important part of your being. The capacity to relate to the superheroes enables you to unlock these super powers in times you need them. Magic is the art to access these superpowers and unleash the superhero in you.

Do you want to take a look behind our temple doors and learn more about magic and mysticism? Read more here (in Dutch).

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