The Battle for your Mind

Nowadays the Power of Magic is ridiculed by the media and by the masses. But this in itself is a dangerous development because it puts people to sleep while the biggest battle that we will be facing in the coming decennia is starting right now; the Battle for your Mind!
I will explain you why. Magic is the science of influencing and manipulating the powers of the subconscious mind. It has always been used to help people grow, to heal and to educate societies, to waken people up to higher values of life.

Nowadays this power is ridiculed and has come into the hands of advertisers and propagandists. They use our computers and our television screen to broadcast certain ideas into your mind by advertising campaigns. The place of entities is filled with products like M & M’s that jump from your kitchen closet right on your plate. Magical spells are disguised as jingles and songs that link feelings, desires, images together. Like mantras they enter into your subconscious mind at the moment that you are vulnerable; when you rest on your couch after a long day work and open your rest-brain to relaxation and entertainment.

I am very curious to learn if you recognize this because we need to wake up here to reclaim the freedom of our minds.


4 thoughts on “The Battle for your Mind

  1. I think you are right, but I really do not know how to make people aware of this. Sometimes I wonder if it is already too late. But as long as there are people who have a notion, people who are – for whatever reason – less sensible to these modern spells, there is still hope.

    1. Raise awareness is the key. But as you write; this is difficult, because people are busy raising their kids and providing an income. The awareness comes whith the awakening for the higher mind.

  2. I completely agree. But then I have had the habit of “looking sideways” at everything since my teens.

    1. Looking sideways helps a little bit, but becoming conscious of how they do this helps even more. Also when you meditate and build your own associations helps to remain independent.

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