The taboo on practical magic

In esoteric circles there exist strong cultural blockages … that make spiritual people powerless. To what extend are these ideas helpful? Or are they blocking us?  A common idea that I hear very often in spiritual circles is;

You are not allowed to use spiritual energy for yourself or to achieve mundane goals. Spiritual forces are meant to be used pure and unselfishly for the wellbeing of others. Otherwise you abuse your forces and go downhill into black magic …

Is this true?

Why would spiritual forces not become  instrumental for yourself and mundane goals? In my opinion we go downhill because of a lack of spiritual awareness involved in the decisions that we make.. Involving our soul and our ethical awareness we contribute to a better World. It would lead to a materialization of spiritual energy in the form of sustainable products that help people, animals and the planet.

We have not fallen from heaven to make up for a karmic punishment. We have all arrived with a cosmic contract in our back pocket to make the world into a better place. In order to accomplish this, the Universe needs strong people!!!

Un-fold your Self

The first task the Universe gives you is to use the challenges in your life to become strong. Embedded in every life experience there is an enormous potential to grow.

All of us, without exceptions, get harsh lessons of the universe at the moment an expansion of consciousness is required, by which we can contribute to a better world.

Using spiritual energy for yourself means that you are going to tap into that growth potential, to develop yourself in order to fulfil your cosmic contract for the good of all.

Spirituality and work

In a former article I gave you a meditation to make you conscious of the spiritual energy that penetrates everything that exists. Everything is drenched with consciousness. This is also true for every product you buy and everything you make yourself. When you devote yourself with heart and soul to fulfilling your life’s mission, then your work will automatically be an expression of this and your work and products will be carriers of this energy in the world.

Ina Custers van Bergen

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