Window Dressing

Staring at my smartphone I surf over the internet, searching a solution for my emptiness. Reading all the tempting articles of smart marketeers, I get sooo tired! I put away my cell phone and go to bed. I am done!

I pull the blankets over my head, hoping for a decent night of sleep: I don’t get enough rest from my sleep nowadays. I lose energy and don’t know why. Restlessly I turn from one side to the other. I turn and turn and…

… a great wheel appears. Next to it stands a man with red flaming hair. He shouts at me:
“Grabbing, blabbing, dabbling, fun and grief, I sell rescue, salvation and relief.” Then he approaches me and looks me right in the eyes:
“Are you a player, a seeker, a hunter? I offer excitement and sensation. The arrow of my Wheel of Fortune will point out your newest passion. As special offers I have now:

  • “Eternal beauty.”
    He shows me a movie wherein a surgeon does a major renovation on the body of an unconscious patient.
  • “Paranormal abilities, a golden business, good for great fame! No diplomas required and the product is everything you can imagine.”
  • “Wild sex, also immensely popular!”
    He looks at me squinting and I hear him wheezing.
    “Go on the internet, do as if you want a relation and bingo! From one to the other, piece of cake!”

He gives a swing to the wheel and I feel my mind starting to swirl. With bouncing heart I call out: “I am done with all the fake! I am disgusted by plastic imitation antlers and false gemstones. I have followed so many happiness courses, only to find out that everyone acts as if.”
I grab the nasty chap at his lapels and shake him up: “I search the pearls between the swine, do they exist?”

Then I hear a voice echoing: “Don’t let yourself be distracted by the Wheel of Fortune. Ignore the pointer towards the fake reality, focus on the axis of the wheel!”
Then a cute little girl with two pony tails comes hopping from the centre.
“Have you forgotten about me? I am knocking in your heart.”
“Why are you lost?”
“Because you joined the hide and seek game and let yourself become blindfolded.”
“How do I find you?”
“Only if you say goodbye to your sweetie: if you want to find me, first of all Narcissus must die!”
“Narcissus…  that Greek hero who fell in love with his mirror image?”
“Yep”, the child giggles, “he lets himself become enchanted by the as-if game.”

Then the voice echoes again. “To find her back, you need to detox. You have become severely addicted to all the window dressing. This is a form of environmental pollution, a lunacy caused by THE great spiritual disease of our time: capitalism. Only when you get off this enslavement, you will discover what is real.”

I look at the girl and ask her: “How do I do this, is there any help available to achieve this?”
“You will find me again when you let yourself being touched at the right place,” and with her little finger she points at my heart and says: Click here!


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